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Poker Night Update Available to everyone! Cleaned up, more compatible, 2 new tables!

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Poker Night Update!

The updated version of Poker Night at the Inventory has finally been made available to all customers, be it Telltale customers or Steam customers.

Telltale customers: Get the update from your Games Page.
(Note: If you downloaded the game from Telltale this past weekend, you probably already have the update.)

Steam customers: just restart Steam, and the update should start downloading.

What's new in the update?
Poker Night update, changes list:

Poker & Gameplay Fixes

* At the end of a hand, winners of the main pot and any side pots all announced individually. (Previously, only the winner of the biggest pot was announced.)

* Each round, the minimum raise starts at the big blind until someone raises, after which the minimum raise is the amount of that last raise.

* In heads up (one on one) play, the dealer is now the small blind and first to act pre-flop.

* If a someone folds and is part of a side pot, and after the fold only one person remains in the sidepot, the sidepot gets cleared and paid out to that one remaining person.

* The tutorial now automatically comes up once, the first time the game is played. It is still also available on-demand from the Poker Help screen.

* Players who have a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush or straight will now get the appropriate hand achievement even if everyone else folds to them in that hand.

* Fixed issue causing character tells to almost never play.

* Fixed issue causing only one of the player's hole cards to display when skipping dialog.

* Improved readability/consistency on the unlockable Strong Bad card deck.

* Max properly leaves the table after his "I'll be in the bar" bust out line.


Compatibility Fixes

* Anti-aliasing quality control added to Graphics Settings screen.

* Improved compatibility with Shader Model 2.0 graphics cards.

* Fixed cases of invisible and garbled text on the title screen and settings screen on some systems.

* Some lower end video cards which formerly just drew a black screen should now display the game. :)



* Two new poker tables available on the Unlocks screen: “Poker Night,” and “Inventory Security”
Thanks and enjoy!
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  • I see there are telltale peoples that are in this thread, so I'll post it here... just downloaded the game through steam yesterday 12/7 so it should be rocking the new patch and I can't get the game to run. I've seen in other places that I may be out of luck considering my video card, but I noticed that the patch was supposed to allow the older computers/cards the ability to play. I'm getting the black screen issue where I can hear whats happening but not see. I get the telltale logo when I start up, and I see the menu options (with darkness behind them) and then I get nothing but sound when I try to play.

    I'm using a late 2006 macbook, everything updated that I know about

    Macbook C2D 2.0GHz, 1GB Ram, GMA 950 Video, Mac OS 10.6.5
  • Gman5852;414633 said:
    So where are the 2 tables I dont see them anywhere?
    They're at the very bottom of the list.
  • markeres;414662 said:
    They're at the very bottom of the list.
    Found it and I love the security table.
  • BUG

    3 times now after i folded a hand they all just sit there staring at me idly. The game is stuck like this and wont progress until I start a new tournament. :confused:
  • Suggestion for Homestar Runner deck. Put the card number/value at the top left corner as well. I cant tell what the crap is going on when the cards are half shown like this...

    2nd card in is a 2 even tho it looks like a 7, and dont even ask me what the river card is on this screen
  • New characters would not work. New tables, i feel, they COULD do, but they probably won't.
  • Thanks for the update! The tables are a nice touch, especially the security table. I'm glad I am not the only one who gets a little sad when I see a game updated and it only fixed a few bugs.

    The game has been running fine for me. The only thing I've noticed is pressing Esc during a one on one match causes the camera to go back to it's default position. I also agree that there should be a small change to the Strong Bad deck to make it easier to read. Otherwise I haven't been confused by side pots as much this time.
  • anyone else haveing huge lag as soon as you get to the table? I've added a lot of spare memory and set the graphics to the lowest quality to no effect. in fact this seemed to start happening just this week.
  • Since the new update, I have a strange NEW problem. After the telltale intro, the game freezes for around 15 seconds on a black screen. Didn't happen before, happens now.
  • HoboStew;414258 said:
    Can you please clarify as to what exactly happened? You unlocked things on steam then installed the patch and now they are no longer unlocked?
    Strange. Mine went away too.

    In my case it was before upgrading, though. Yesterday I opened the game and hit "Play". It asked if I wanted to continue to continue the previous tournament, and I said "no" (like I've done many times before). On the second game, Tycho threw in his watch, which is when I noticed that everything (score, etc) had been reset. In fact, the resolution had been reset, now that I think about it.

    Later I upgraded, and it started the tutorial again, though it remembered my previous score. Maybe that's even normal?

    I haven't really done anything that would have caused the settings loss. Weird that it remembered that I was in the middle of a game, though.
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