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Sam & Max Complete Collection ordering DVDs have to pay full price not just shipping.

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Last night I brought the Sam & Max: Complete Collection and this morning I’ve been trying to buy DVDs of each season.

Season one – when I put my order number in the upgrade box it says “Invalid Number” and the full price was shown once I went to the checkout and put my address details in I had to pay for the dvd and not just the shipping

Season two - same thing happens as season one.

Season three – it says “It doesn't look like you own any episodes - if you already own The Devil's Playhouse, log-in to claim your free disc. If you don't own it yet, you can still buy the full season at a special price today and claim a free DVD!”

So the Telltale store doesn’t seem to recognise that I own the Sam & Max seasons and I still have to pay full price for the dvds and not just shipping cost. Any I doing something wrong hope you can help.

Many thanks
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  • you are (from what I have read earlier on the forums, I don't work for tell tale) supposed to be able to order the dvd's for free (+shipping) if you own the collection.

    It seems though, that the shop system doesn't always (ever?) recognise the bundle when it comes to authenticating you as owning all 3 seasons. I'm sure someone from telltale will be along to tell you how to proceed, but in the meantime check out the stickied thread dealing with it in this very forum ;)
  • Hey samson, I had the same problem too. I believe I'd read somewhere that this is the case if you had bought all 3 seasons as a collection. What I did was to email support and ask them to help me add the DVDs to my cart; Amy replied within a day :)
  • I've just emailed support thank you for your help :)
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