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UNOFFICIAL! Adventure Bundle repair files

posted by janwillem on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

I posted on usenet some repair files for the adventure bundle exe files.

See My Documents\Telltale Games\Adventure Bundle for the files. Search on usenet for: (Jan Willem post repair files Telltale Adventure Bundle: filename_without_dot_exe) or extract the attached files for the newsgroup nzb files.
Jan Willem
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  • Hi DinoBirdy,
    Here some extra info about quickpar. You need 13 repair blocks.

    Let's analyze the structure of the PAR2 filenames:
    nn is the total number of blocks of all preceding files.
    mm is the number of blocks in this file.

    So, we have to download a couple of extra PAR2 files and we need to make sure that the sum of the numbers behind the '+'-sign is 13 or higher.

    So download all the files until pa1-9.vol11+08.PAR2

    See also:
  • Thanks for the reply, janwillem.
    I think I finally got how this works - I somehow managed to overlook the part about nn when reading the tutorials.
  • So it seems i uploaded the repair bocks for nothing, whatever :(
  • I'm trying to use this, but I think I'm doing something wrong... My problem is that I have video stuttering on The Whispered World, and I'd like to see if this works to solve the problem. I installed Quickpar 0.9, then downloaded the tww.par2 file to Telltale Games\Adventure Bundle, on :/C. When I open it with Quick par, it says I need more than 3000 blocks... Help, please? ^^U

    I also tryed the tww2.par2, but it also says I need more than 1481 blocks...
  • Ok, I saw the file The Whispered World - SKIDROW - CRACK and I downloaded it. I saw an tww.exe inside, and I pasted it on the whispered world folder. I ran the game, and the stuttering was considerably lower, although it sometimes gets a few words stuck. At least I can watch the videos now, so I really thank you for this.

    But is it normal that I still have stuttering? Do I need to use the repair files? Because I keep having the problem about "more than 3000 blocks needed"...

    Thankyou janwillem
  • Thanks, janwillem - that SKIDROW crack thing fixed my problem, though I'm a bit confused as to whether I have to do the repairing stuff as well.

    I see why people hate DRM now, when we have to resort to piracy to get our games working. Telltale's service for their own games is excellent, no problems there, so I know it's not their fault.
  • the repair files are only to repair the broken install files, like nsis error
  • yay, the files are still working :P
  • Isn't it just easier to delete the .exe file that's having a problem at My Documents\Telltale Games\Adventure Bundle and re-download? This has fixed the NSIS problem for me every time.

  • it takes more time to download the complete files. Than to fix them with the pars
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