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Poker Night: Lost Play Data

posted by applekid on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I played Poker Night on Steam for several hours, racking up a nice quantity of statistics, unlocks, and the like. I decided to take a break to play TF2 for a bit. The only things I did between closing Poker Night and opening it again were to Play TF2 for about 30 minutes, and log into my Steam Friends list. When I went back, a good portion of my data appears to be missing, as follows:

* The session I was midway through is still there, but with the default table/cards.
* My stats page claims I have never played a hand, and all stats reflect this.
* My stats page indicates I have none of the TF2 unlocks (I have all four).
* When I FIRST switch to the unlocks page, all my unlocks are there until the page loads properly (that is to say, until I regain control of the cursor), at which point none of my unlocks are visible. (I realize this description is a bit unclear, so I added a pair of screenshots: )

This is a bit irksome, since I'm afraid to continue playing the game in the event that it will overwrite my old data, since it's presumably still around in some form. The Steam forums also indicate this isn't an isolated issue, though not nearly as prevalent as the "no graphics" and "can't get it to load at all" bug.

Any assistance or support would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Already tried verifying the integrity of the game files via Steam, but no dice.
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  • Unrelated but little-to-not-related, how am I supposed to erase my data? There is no option in menu, and deleting save data in my documents isn't enough, I guess. Tried it 4 times now.
  • Since I suffered a similar problem (due to the TF2 issue), and then I was playing around trying different stuff to get it back - I found you can completely remove your saved game by erasing the entire "Poker Night at the Inventory" directory under your HOME\Documents\Telltale Games directory. Just deleting wasn't enough, I'm not sure if it caches something in prefs.prop or what.
  • I moved from one PC to another, where I was playing the game at previously. I had many of the unlocks, and played quite a bit. Then I moved to a new machine and none of it was there after installing the game through steam. They don't sync the game progress or preferences up with the steam cloud like in TF2 or many other steam purchased games.

    How I got my unlocks/progress back: copied both the and the prefs.prop file from the "/Users/MyUserName/My Documents/Telltale Games/Poker Night at the Inventory/" directory to the same directory on the PC that I am now playing on. When I tried copying JUST the, something didn't work right, and none of the progress was recalled.

    I recommend to anyone playing this game, to back those 2 files up regularly if you care about your progress or in-game unlocks.

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