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Didn't Charles Lindbergh Jr. die?

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In Moai Better Blues, it portrays Charles Lindbergh Jr. as one of the missing people on Easter Island. However, I wikipediaed him and found that the body was found and therefore it is proved he died and had not just disappeared. So why did telltale put him in the game and not his daddy, who actually did disappear? Is this just a mistake on their part?
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  • This is a matter of confusion, but in fact, the aviator that disappeared and who had a kid who was famously kidnapped and murdered WAS Charles Lindbergh Jr. His father, Charles Lindbergh Sr. was a congressman.

    Now the kid who was murdered was Charles August Lindbergh JUNIOR too. But in this case it refers to his dad.
  • Who? Lindbergh? I thought he just had a sex change....

    Sorry, just hadda get the Rat Race refence in there :D

    Really, I have no idea. I assume crfh is right.
  • No, it's that people are unsure if the Lindbergh Jr. that was found was the real Lindbergh Jr.
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