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Humble Indie Bundle #2

posted by Rather Dashing on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users

You know the deal:

It's pay what you want, so please be nice, more than a penny would be nice.

You get five games:

-Cortex Command
-Revenge of the Titans


You can pay whatever price you want and decide exactly how much of your contribution goes where(an amazing feature returning from the original bundle, now right up front!). You can donate to the five games, Child's Play, the EFF, or to the idea of the bundle itself to perpetuate the idea and make more bundles in the future.

Cortex Command and Clash of the Titans are still actively being developed. Bundle purchasers are eligible for ALL updates in the future.

Remember that you can give the gift of indie games too! The bundle is fully giftable. 'Tis the Season!
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