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PC Collector's Disc / DVD suggestions & questions

posted by prizna on - last edited - Viewed by 5.6K users
I know its a bit early for this but I thought it would be a good idea to say what sort of bonus content we would like to see on the DVD.

I for one would like to see some of the voice acting sessions.
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  • -All the released artwork
    -Some side-stories through comic animation.
    -A lot of behind the scenes stuff
    -Flash game Blitz Through Time (For collection sake)
  • DVD collection is gonna be PC-only, right? No collection on PS3?
  • I'm not sure they're going to read this but the following would be nice :
    • Making of Hill Valley (and adapting it to the various time periods)
    • Making the characters (design, animation, likeness, that sort of thing)
    • Making the Delorean (Someone mentioned this in another thread, would be cool)
    • Making The Story arc (I supposed there's one throughout the game)

    Also throw a couple of concept art in there... Would make a very nice making-of DVD.

    And as I was writing this, I realized they probably did a documentary, judging that the mini-trailers/featurettes we've seen so far. So, it's probably already all planned :)
  • DVD collection is gonna be PC-only, right? No collection on PS3?

    Because they have no idea who bought the PS3 games. Only through their stores can they know what to do.
  • DVD collection is gonna be PC-only, right? No collection on PS3?

    Probably not. The only time Telltale's done a console disc collection for one of their episodic series has been the Wii versions of the first two Sam and Max seasons, and that was only because WiiWare's file limit wouldn't let them make the seasons downloadable like they did with XBLA.

    Anyway, if earlier DVDs are anything to go by, we can definitely expect at least concept art and developer commentary.
  • Some kind of commentary from Bob Gale and/or Christopher Lloyd, if possible. I'd especially like to hear how Bob Gale feels about the game as a continuation of the BTTF story once he's seen it fully realized.
  • :confused:Will the game be on disc and if so how long will fans have to wait????
  • Yes, it will be on disc for PC not sure how long after but it will be available some time after the final episode has been released.
  • If we already bought the game from telltale, will we be sent a disc when it's released?
    Or will we have to buy the disc?
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