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Remember Peter Jacksons King Kong Game ???

posted by Sadonicus on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
Recently I thought about the official game to Peter Jacksons King Kong.

I especially remember the Encounters as a human with the T-Rex (or V-rex :))wich where so well designed. The T-Rex was always the ultimate threat, a symbol for fear, and in that game it was so intense fleeing, hiding and distracting the invincible monster. But I couldnt help but thinking how much better this would be in a Jurassic Park-Game.

Is there any chance that there will be similar passages in telltales game? Playing some parts of the game in first person with this kind of survival-gameplay? Would fit to the scenario and I think first person is the only way of delivering the feel of this kind of scenes adequatly. Also it would be a nice reminiscense to the old SNES-Game, wich had first person-passages as well. Just dont know if their engine would allow something like this.

Some vids of what I'm talking about:
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  • Trenchfoot;415113 said:
    Yeah, they've said that JP is going to be a departure from their usual style. While I imagine that a lot of adventure elements will be present, some new stuff will be added, like first person view for example. This is highly probable as the Raptor animation we saw some time ago attacked the player on first person.

    I imagine the game will be similar in style to Trespasser, which was basically an action game with adventure elements...
    Oh man Trespasser that brings back memories I don't care what the critics said about that game I loved it and still do.
  • WARP10CK;415444 said:
    Oh man Trespasser that brings back memories I don't care what the critics said about that game I loved it and still do.
    Me too! Funny how a game that received generally poor critics can have such a big fanbase after all that years! There must be something beyond the usual criteria for games that the game haves
  • I love trespasser as well, I just recently purchased it and love it. despite its bugs and the terrible AI.... I love hearing John Hammonds dialogue through the game
  • I like how the dinosaurs in Trespasser always walk sideways. lol

    At leas the T-Rex did anyway. He kind of had this side step thing going on when he would chase you.

    Anyway, I did enjoy Trespasser. I only played through it once though.
  • King Kong was Awesome! Telltale should totally rip it off the gameplay mechanics for their game! They can call it an homage!
  • I have the game too and it was awesome! Here are the Dinosaurs that were featured.
    Vastatosaurus rex
    Brontosaurus baxteri
    Venatosaurus saevidicus
    Venatosaurus impavidus
  • indeed that game was amazing. surprised it got bad reviews, i loved that game. now that i remember it, i'm going to get it tomorrow! hahaaha

    i'm new to telltale (Jurassic Park was my first TT game) so i don't know what they will do.
  • You know... Telltale games should also make a King Kong game. What kind of gameplay do you think the game should have?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    That was exactly the time when Michel Ancel SHOULD have made Beyond Good & Evil 2. IIRC, Jackson wanted Ancel explicitly, so BG&E2 was off the table. Eventually, I did not buy it. But glad to hear people remember it fondly, nonetheless! ;)
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