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The Bosco Game

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Hey boys and girls! Here's a fun little game that you can play along in this very thread!!

All you have to do is type in Bosco followed by the name of your homecity into any search engine to see if Bosco owns a store in your city or town! If not, you have the benifit of not being part of the Bosco Franchise/multiple bases of opperation. If you DO end up having a Bosco store in your town, post either the most common or the most unusual results you get!

For example...
Bosco Nashville = Bosco's Beer
Please keep all posts relating to Bosco in your area of the world to the commercial product genre. If you end up discovering that there is a person named Bosco in your city, historical or otherwise, please do not post said results. We'll find those on our own and keep an eye on them ourselves.;)
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