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TOMI Episode 1 on iPad Now!

posted by Weeksy on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
.... But I'm a little hesitant to pick it up based on the lack of subsequent episodes from "Wallace & Gromit", "Sam & Max" etc...
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  • RingmasterJ5;418978 said:
    It's playable, that just not what you are supposed to do with the root.
    No, it is...
  • StLouisRibs;419087 said:
    No, it is...
    Dont you need to put it in the grog, not directly use it with the cutlass?
  • RingmasterJ5;419132 said:
    Dont you need to put it in the grog, not directly use it with the cutlass?
    No, he means to cut the roots off, which you use the cutlass for.
  • The question is not just what to do but how to do it.
    How can I use things in my inventory on some objects in the scene. In the inventory I manage to combine stuff, yes, but I miss some icon for a use object function.

    Sorry, I have not played TOMI on the computer before, to know what I can do in which way.
  • Wouldn't you just open the inventory, touch the item you want to use (which should select it) then touch what you want to use the item with.

    or maybe you could try dragging the item out of the inventory onto what you want to use it with.

    I don't have it for ipad this is just a guess at how it may work.
  • I'm guessing it would just work the same as 'The Devil's Playhouse' did on the iPad.
  • It would be nice if it would work like in Sam and Max, but here TOMI comes no menu of actions when I tap on cutlass in the inventory.:(
  • I can't speak to other series but I have actually played MI ep 5 on iPad, they're definitely coming.

    iPaddy, to use inventory items on something in the environment, select it in your inventory and when you close it, that will be your active item. When you next select an item in the environment, it will use your active item on it.
  • Thanx Seher, I tried that before but somehow it works fine now for me.
    Now the fun starts.

    Sam and Max will be next, after finishing TOMI.
  • I guess I would have to buy every single episode again through the app store right?
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