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Hi, Im not very familiar with Telltale games.

How will this new jurassic park look and play?

I mean will it be like an adventure, open-world game like rockstars 'Red Dead Redemption' or 'GTA IV'? In which you can roam around the Island, encounter dinosaurs and complete missions when ever it suits you.

Or will it be more of a click and move game? Something like a PC game.

Could someone with more experience in playing Telltale games please tell me what is likely to be the style of the game? By style I mean what will it look like? Will be a game like red dead redemption? or a game like 'Jurassic park: Operation Genesis' with that click and move style

Sorry if this is a pointless thread, it's just im really excited about this game because Jurassic Park is my all time favourite film franchise.

Cheers x :)
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  • I personally would not mind having the graphics with some hint of a animation style, meaning leaning somewhat in the direction of ToMI and BttF, but with more of a serius look to it and darker. To me that would work better then trying to make some ultra realistic enviroment and failing. Surly a "serius animation style" can be used, that doesn't try to hard to look realist, but not to cartoony neither. I didn't really like the graphics in CSI that much, and I hope JP goes in another direction.
  • Something I've been thinking with all the BTTF news...

    In the IGN preview, they said that you get to reenact the famous first DeLorean scene from the first BTTF movie, and even you can alter it depending on what you choose to say.
    Now, what I think is this... Do you think something similar will be applied for the JP game? And if so, which scene/s would you like to re-enact?

    The T-Rex scene from the first movie would be awesome to play. Just imagine... You could even fail at it and get eaten! That could even affect the rest of the game. The possibilities are endless.
  • I would love to play the Raptor in the Kitchen scene. Crawling behind counters and banging spoons on the ground to distract the raptors as Tim tries to get away. A very metal gear sneaking vibe. lol
  • I'd love a game like Tresspasser (my favorite JP game concept) except, well, complete.

    I loved the single-person, alone on the island, attempting to get off plot of the game and it was creepy to explore the old infrastructure of Site B. There were puzzles along the way and the dinosaurs were quite scary (especially since they could, at random, launch into the air at high velocity due to bugs in the physics code). I still re-install it sometimes just to replay the worker's village and dock levels. And to relive what it was like to experience DirectX 6, when 800x600 was a high resolution for a PC game.
  • hm...from the way i see where Telltale is going, prolly the game will be click and solve puzzle/situations...and one stupid move, and dinosaurs will get you.

    and since Telltale has "invented real time interaction" (aka, "picking the correct dialogues as you are walking/doing something")...imagine situations where a raptor is barging into the room and you have like seconds to figure out the puzzle or u... know...Dino FOOD!!

    just my 2 cents.
  • well I'm very intrigued. From what I understand Jurassic park will introduce new gameplay additions, which is why it is taking longer? Didn't they start working on it before Back to the Future?
  • Think it will be another Point and Click game but with more stampede or chase parts of the game. Its a hard franchise to bring into adventure gaming since the genre calls for exploring and taking your time while figuring out puzzles. Dinosaurs aren't going to wait for you to find the loose button to stick in the hamster wheel to get the gate closed on them. The puzzles will probably get overshadowed by the action sequences.
  • The gameplay mechanics I consider the most appropriate for Jurassic park are stealthy hide and distract gameplay like in Penumbra Overture with the dogs, wich would perfectly suite to the kitchen scene for example, or the V-Rex encounters in King Kong, wich would work so good for the T-Rex-outbreak scene. When humans are involved, usual adventure or RPG interaction with dialogue trees or real-time cutscenes like in Half Life would do.

    Me personally would prefer first person perspective for all that, but third person would work too. Maybe a mix depending on the situation.

    I just really do hope it wont be just timed puzzles, QTEs or choosing reactions with cut-scene deaths, I would only accept that as sporadic moments to give diversity to the game!
  • From what I've heard it is going to use a completely different gaming style. Diffrent from any other game telltale has made yet. But i think Alan made that clear in his previous post. Though I was never into the movie and I'm skeptical o weather I should buy it or not, i'll have to see some footage first. Though hearing it's not going to be your average point and click em' up adventure game, I'm already intrigued!
  • I didn't want to make a new thread and felt that this was the best one to put it in. But i was thinking about the gameplay and something occured to me. Have you noticed that none of the sequels or video games ever took into account that the T-Rex could not see you if you didn't move? I mean, in the first movie Grant was able to keep the T-Rex away by standing still, throwing a flare, and moving away when the T-Rex ran after it.

    Now lets look at all the games. You stand still, the T-Rex eats you. Wouldn't it be awesome if for the first time in a Jurassic Park video game you could actually use that for dealing with the T-Rex. Think about it. You have some flares in you invintory, you use one to distract the T-Rex to get away. And if he looks in your direction simply don't move and he won't attack you. I think that would actually make for a suspensefull situation.
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