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You Don't Know Jack (quiz teaser episode - post your score) -new game out today

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The 1990s classic quiz game is coming back in February for Xbox, PS3, Wii, DS & PC, and they have a teaser episode up on their website here;

Post your score from your first playthrough. I started poorly, but picked it up towards the end;


Your turn...
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  • Aww I suck. I'm going into the negative after only the first 2 questions... I'm not cut out for this game. I'm not even going to play anymore of it. I don't know what a pint is or how many fingers different kinds of animals have. I don't know jack. :(
  • I was in the negative after the first two, too. Plenty of chances later on to pull points back.
  • Maybe, I'll try again later and fail the first 2 on purpose so I don't have an unfair advantage.
  • $11,009 - I lost a lot of my points in the middle... I used to love You Don't Know Jack! My friend had a game and we'd play it all the time. I finally got years later one but no-one at my place would play it with me.
  • The Xbox & PS3 versions of the new game have online play. I'm pissed off that the Wii & PC versions apparently don't (the 2 systems I own), as there aren't many people here that would want to play with me either.
  • That was always the rub with YDKJ... trying to convince people that a trivia game is not only worth playing, but can actually be as big a timesink as more traditional titles was never easy. With that in mind, it's astounding that the series became a hit in the first place.

    Good thing the single player is nearly as satisfying. I've been playing through the later YDKJs that I never owned (except for The Ride, which won't run on Vista no matter what I do :( ), and I've been having a blast. The only one I don't really care for is Lost Gold, but even then the writing is top notch.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Woo, I love this game!... and pretty much any multiplayer quiz game. Scored $14,902, so obviously need some practice. :D
  • -1894... Yeah I definately don't know Jack. I kept pressing space for "jackman" with "wolverine's claws" and "hi I'm a beaker" for "beaker". Who knew beakers went "meep"?
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