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Free episode not available before Febuary

posted by Strayth on - last edited - Viewed by 5.7K users

So hum, will there at least be a demo, to know if our PC can run the game or not before ordering a full season ? (If we don't want to wait 2 months before playing it ...)

BTW the cover of the game looks incredible.
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  • I don't know if you can call it a scam (since free is free and you can't expect a whole lot), but what an odd thing for them to do. I can't imagine it'll have that much of a promotional impact if they hold out that long.
  • I also have an important question :

    Can we buy the first episode only ? And have a promo to get the full season at 24 dollars as a whole (minus the already payed episode of course...) ?

    No cauz I got the feeling we're getting royally screwed somehow if we don't want to order the full season (and why should we if we don't even know if we like it / or if we can run it...).
  • It won't have that much of a promotional impact I don't think, I for one still plan on buying the game. I just would have preferred to at least see what the first episode was like and see if my laptop could handle it. Now I'll have to wait until probably January to actually play it on my PS3 unless I go to a friend's house. :(
  • Hmm. I hope the paid users aren't effectively beta testing for the free users.

    Strange marketing decision. Again.
  • My biggest concern is that if they wanted to do this whole free sample thing, they should put it out while people are still in the afterglow of the whole bttf 25th anniversary. February seems a bit too late for this. Idk. Definitely not on the day of release, but at the very least some time sooner. Don't really think it's scamish though. Just seems a bit odd.
  • It makes a lot of sense because they were basically looking at almost nothing in sales on this until February when the non-free Episode 2 comes out. Maybe pre-orders weren't as good as they'd expected?
  • Yeah, it's not a scam or anything like that, but I have no idea how they plan to profit from this. Pissing off potential customers to try and force a sale seems like an ineffective strategy.
  • Not a scam since it's free, but I honestly can't see it being good for TTG's image =/
    I seriously hope for Telltale that they have a demo in store. I mean, let's talk about the elephant in the room : If Telltale doesn't allow people to test it, they obviously will one way or another. :/
    Well, the episodes themselves are the demos until you activate them AFAIK, dunno if this applies to the stand alone games too like Poker Night. If you only want to see how it will run on your PC I assume you can still download it (not through your My Games though) but your code for the full game won't work
  • Its a free episode..... STOP COMPLAINING!!
  • U realize this means a LOT of people will be WAREZ-ing this game now because of this delay? Damn, pssh.
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