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I won at Tic Tac Doom, but the COPS won't give me the talisman. What do I do?

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I beat the COPS at Tic Tac Doom, but they won't give me their talisman. How do I make them give it to me? Max's hint didn't help me. Please tell me. Thanks.
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  • You have to lose at Tic Tac Doom then the C.O.P.S. will think they are advanced and made a hard AI and will give you the talisman.

    It's that easy well not realy you have to give him 2 in a row and 1 open in a 3-in-a-row style so when he's all out of other moves he'll go for the last one and bam they'll think they made a super advanced AI and rub it in Sam's face then he'll make it seem as if he lost because the game was too hard then Max will wanna beat them but never gets the chance then the arcade game guy will open his insert coins here thing and you'll be able to get the talisman

    And that's how you get past:D
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