Missing Cut-scenes?

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Hey everyone!

I just purchased the game, and it runs fine (after a graphic driver update), but I have the strange feeling that I might be missing some scenes from the game.

Are there pre-rendered cut-scenes?

Everything so far has been in real-time for me (I just met the Rat-Creatures), and sometimes the narrative seems to skip a beat. For example, I didn't see Fone Bone shouting "Hello!" on the Dragon's Stair, or Smiley playing "The Old Gray Mare". These scenes were in the trailer.

After the locust attack there was the scene with Fone sleeping and the Rat-Creatures lurking about, and it seemed abrupt and not at all connected with previous events.

So my question is: is this normal, or are there pre-rendered cut-scenes that I'm missing? And if so, what could be the cause of the problem?

(I'm really loving the game by the way, great job!!!)


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    Hmm, now that you mention it, Fone shouting "Hello?" in the caves was in the trailer but I never got it in-game.

    Is this intentional?
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    Yes, there are things in the trailer that are not in the game. The trailer was completed well before the game was finalized. The "gist" is still the same though.

    On the other hand, there are PLENTY of great things in the game that you don't ever see in the trailer. :)
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    How did you get the dollar without making Smiley sing 'old grey mare'?
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    I meant the scene from the beggining of the trailer, with the scorpion and the camera panning out to show Smiley singing. I thought it was missing, because Phoney mentions that he's been singing it before. The same thing with the first apperance of the Rat-Creatures: one of the comrades starts the argument because the other said that he was fat, but we never actually hear him saying it.

    Anyway, I've completed the game since my post, and it was great fun. The only scene that I really miss from the trailer is Fone and Thorn running away from the Rat Creatures together. I now understand that this must also have been cut because of editing reasons, but it's still a bit strange to guide just Fone in the mini-game and then have Thorn appear out of nowhere aside the dragon.

    But small tidbits aside, this turned out to be an excellent little game ! Can't wait for future installments, and for the tone to turn a bit more serious as the story gets more complicated (more Hooded One, Kingdok and Lord of the Locusts of course!!!!)
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    The scene where Fone yells "Hello?!" in the caves seems like a weird scene to cut out. There's nothing to tie together the event where the rat creatures run away, and Fone waking up. You never see him waking up. He's just standing there, holding the torch. Really pulled me out of the game immersion.

    What were the reasons for cutting that scene out, really?
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    I agree, that was a little awkward. The other part I thought that really needed a transition was when Phoney "disappears" near the end of the game. I hadn't read the comic yet so I assumed he'd been taken by the rat creatures. I wasn't sure, then, how he managed to show up in Barrel Haven, and why Fone greeted him the way he did (if Fone had been worried that Phoney was taken by the rat creatures, he would have been relieved to see him). A little bit of explanation there (even just a cutscene of Phoney sneaking out to Barrel Haven after everyone went to bed) would have helped.
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