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  • Damn it divisionten, now I'm going to be spending hours just reading/researching this post. Not that that's a bad thing...
  • Wow, this is how people learn Japanese as a second language! As being a Japanese who lives in a country where people speak English, I understand how hard to learn another language, and I'm really impressed that your Japanease is really good.

    Although, I would say "売り切れて" (urikirete) instead of "売り場いて" (uribaite) for "sold out", and for me, "あせる" (aseru) means "be in a hurry (rush)" or "fade".
  • It's funny how I basically understand almost everything in Romanji(thank you Anime).
    But it's basically useless without knowing how to write proper hiragana, katakana and kanji. >.>

    Well...off to continue learning South-Korean. It's much easier. Even their writing is much easier. They only have like 30 characters to learn opposed to us having to learn 42 characters.
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