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Update Released

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From Steam:

Render Layer Issues on NVidia 400 Series Video Cards – Fixes the graphics bug that blocked players at the first snowmobile puzzle.
Text Not Displaying on Non-English OS: Fixes issue that caused all in-game text to disappear if the game was running on an OS set to any language but English.

Rules Updates
Two puzzles— Maw of Madness and Hydraulic Headache – had additional rules text added that clarifies the requirements of the puzzles.

Puzzle Updates

Room Key Confusion: In the original version, the “NINE” text was much bigger and vertically-oriented. In this updated version it appears smaller, and is horizontal. The essence of the puzzle is still the same, but the changes make it more straightforward to figure out.
Cut Your Losses: In the original version, the goal was to draw a line connecting all the players that intersected with every pane of glass. In the updated version, the goal is identical to the first football puzzle: Draw a line connecting all the players that avoids every pane of glass.
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  • der_ketzer;415531 said:
    You don't own anything even if you buy Retail/ not on steam. Have you ever read an EULA?
    I was trying to highlight the difference between a license and a subscription. :P
    Every form of digital distribution only works as long as the service you bought from is still alive (obvious P0rtal reference is obvious). Even your TTG_purchase will be useless once they should have to close unless you can always keep them installed. (beware of harddrive-crashes)
    This is why I always get my bonus discs and got them to send me retail copy of W&G instead of the bonus disc. I normally only buy DRM free things and make an exception for Telltale because of the discs.
  • I would have been more hesistant to buy TTG games too if there wasn't a disc in the deal.
  • Im confused is the update available here or only steam?
  • prizna;416815 said:
    Im confused is the update available here or only steam?
    It's here too now. Telltale have just neglected to make an official announcement about it.
  • So does that mean I need to uninstall my current one, downoad and install the new one?
  • If you don't have any problems with your current version and are happy with the instructions for the puzzles, you don't have to do a thing. This update just fixes a few problems with some graphics cards, and improves the puzzle instructions in a few places.
  • I just downloaded the new version, and you know what? Now I’m missing text on buttons [Yes and No after clicking Quit, e.g.] like it used to be with Poker Night until it got patched. -_-
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