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Unofficial Telltale Secret Santa Thing 2010!

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I asked about this yesterday, and garnered some attention in the Whatever's on your Mind thread, and would like to officially (unofficially) start a Secret Santa between TTG Forumers!

If you don't know what Secret Santa is, it is a common holiday event between larger groups of people. Basically, a bunch of people sign up, and are assigned a random other person who also has signed up, and everyone buys eachother something without knowing who their gift will come from!

Rules Specific to This Secret Santa
  • Applicants must gift items using Steam.
  • Items should not be worth less then $3, or rougly £2.50.
  • Items purchased should not exceed $20, or £16, roughly, so we don't have anyone buying anyone else iPods and other people buying Laptop Covers.
  • You must send your gift by January 6th, 2010.
To register, please reply below saying you're in and send me a PM with the email address your Steam account is linked to, so your Santa can gift it to you. Registration closes on 5pm, PST on Wednesday, December 22rd.

Other Information
If you have any questions, please, contact me by PM or reply below!

Applicants (So Far)
Wishlists are linked.
[*]Javi-Wan Kenobi
[*]Comrade Pants

Please Sign up If You Can, Even the Smallest Gift Can Make Someone's Day
Happy Holidays
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