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Game stuck in Fast Forward

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So, I download the game, install it, and start playing. What happens? The game seems to be stuck on fast forward. Literally, everything seems like its stuck in fast forward. The music is playing at a high rate of speed, the animations are all flying by, the intro movie literally finishes it about 5 seconds and its impossible to tell what anyone says. Even once I gain control of Foney, he moves like he's stuck in fast forward. So, I bought the game and I can't even play it. Funny, I seem to remember the same thing happening with the first Bone game, though it was a different problem preventing me from playing it. Guess thats what I pay for, to be able to experience problems and not the game.

Here is some system info:

AMD X2 4800
Dual NVidia 7800GTX in SLI
2 Gigs Ram
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