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  • wow... meelWorm made that Hit the Road cover? That's impressive... Several months ago, he asked for the Motel King font for which I gave him.
  • I got it to print on the photo paper! I'm impressed with the quality but I have to say... for some reason it printed a little bright
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Everyone's printer will print it differently.... because every printer uses different ink, uses different colormatching settings, etc, etc.

    When we printed the real covers to the Season One discs, the printers sent us back proofs to see if the colors were too bright, too dark, etc, etc, and for all the poster prints and stuff that we do, we always go to the printer and do color checks as the first few come off the press, to make sure that they don't look off for some reason. For the Season One cover print (the "Street" print), Steve spent about 40 minutes working with the pressmen running different ink levels, until he got the press printing colors he was pleased with.

    When you print at home, if you want something to be exact, you probably have to be willing to go through the same process, but with your home inkjet :)
  • Well, it's still really nice looking though, so I don't think I'll redo it anytime soon.
  • isn't photopaper to thick to be used inside a dvd-case?

    @laserschwert: say, you do stuff like this professionally as well, right? i mean, even the pictures you took of the finished case look like they were shot in a studio...:confused:
  • Those aren't pictures he took. It's a program that you load DVD covers into and it renders them into a 3D image. I have one, but it has a stupid watermark :(

    The photopaper is pretty thick, but it still works.
  • xChri5x;42077 said:
    It's a program that you load DVD covers into and it renders them into a 3D image.
    I think you're talking about IMANDIX, but I've done it a little more "hands on" with 3dsmax, a professional 3D-application. And 3D-graphics is actually what I DO professionally... unfortunately the need for DVD-covers is quite minimal, so that's just a hobby.
  • Woo!!!!!
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