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Problem with CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder case 3!!

posted by angelprincess on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I have collected all the evidence and the only thing left is the tool mark left on the desk drawer. I have nothing to compare it to. I cant move forward with the case until i figure this out. All the other evidence has been processed and i have talked to everyone and there is nothing else that i see that needs to be done! other than this one piece of evidence!
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  • Did you try to compare the fluid from the couch to Michael's DNA? ( You may need to hit "confirm match" despite whether they match or not, but I think all you need to do is put it on there. )

    Are there any hints available from your partner?

    Is the Apartment the only place you have available to you?
  • It also might be worth double checking that you have asked everything to everyone, collected all the evidence and done all you can with the lab. (You should get a white/cream icon appear then you have fnished with it, the grey one means something still needs to be done.)

    Also sometimes you do need to click confirm when its not a match as Greg says, and you also have to come at it from all angles, ie you got someone by his fingerprints but you have to get him by his blood also. So try everything....
  • All the evidence is done except this tool mark on the drawer. The tags beside all the evidence are lit up except this one. I must have to comare it to something because the only place to look at it is on the microscope. The only thing i have in my evidence that could possibly make a mark would have been the letter opener or the key but those items dont match. Im so frustrated. I went back to talk to everyone and no one will talk and sarah has no more hints for me. I also went back one by one and made sure from my hints that i had all the evidence that i was supossed to have. Thanks for your help. I hope we can figure this out! :)
  • i think you can comnpare it with a screwdriver you find in a folder in micheals apartment try that sumthing like that i not a 100% sure i hope it helps thought
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