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Problems with login/ unlock/ reinstall/ Windows 7 (merged threads)

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my system: W7 Pro 64bit.

I downloaded bttf_101_setup.exe , I selected English language (my system is German). I install the game on E:\Games\Back ... Game\ . I start it, all on screen text is in German ?? I click "Spielen", it crashes with:


I've let the installer check for DirectWhatever and it didn't feel like updating. I've a HD 5970 and the 10.12 drivers.

I close it, start again. Log in again, click again on the button and it says it downloads Episode 1. Wtf, thought I just installed that?

Download goes quick, I get a new installer titled "Episode 1 Setup", weird, just thought I did that.

I look in my installed software and of course it's there, start menu entry is also there, it *is* installed.

I don't know how to proceed from here, installing it over itself again doesn't sound good to me.

Any ideas, support, anyone?

Achja, and I don't want that German, I just want everything in English please.
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