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First LOL Moment (for me...) (SLIGHT SPOILER)

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I love the Sam and Max games, and I think they're funny. But, I rarely laugh out loud. I just caught myself laughing out loud while playing The City that Dares Not Sleep, and I had to pause and post. I'm in the game room, and I looked at the TV. Sam said, "The reception is much better in the intestines, because Max spends so much time laying cable." I nearly spit out my coffee...

There's no humor like gutter humor...

Love it, TellTale!
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  • Max: Hey Superball, which one of these rags smells more like chloroform?

    My first real LOL moment, besides a few chuckles. This was the first episode that left me in stitches.
  • Oh, yeah, and splash1's sig. Definitely an LOL moment. I almost fell out of my chair.
  • I liked in the 204 when you click on the window and Sam throws the remote controller out. I was :eek:. I loved hearing last year's Sam randomly trying to associate his objects with the spaceship elements too. After you gave him the screwdriver, sometimes he says "I can't screw that." Sometimes he also describes one of the objects of his inventory. He's hanging very strange objects that you didn't had in 102...

    Also in 205, the "soda" word censor, the fact that the soda song was beeping every words in Stinky's, which became annoying since it was the default song from the Jukebox, I ended changing the song every two minutes. @!*#$ Peepers! I was a bit disappointed when I heard uncensored Timmy for the first time, didn't you? :D

    But my greatest lol in season 1-2 was this dialogue in 204:
    Older Sam: Would you rather grow up to be as good as I am? With a boss car and a detective job and a huge gun?
    Younger Sam: Hmmm. Would I have to be as fat as you, too?
    Older Sam takes his gun out.
    Time machine's AI: Temporal anomaly detected.
    Older Sam: You got lucky, punk.
  • the first time I saw this I had to watch it again for how much I laughed :D

    also, who is john muir?
  • crfh;383939 said:
    I really laughed at the "Them" part when you do it over and over and over again and eventually Bosco stops screaming and he pushes a button and the giant boxing glove comes down and punches Sam in the head XD
    Yeah me to. For some reason, I like the physical comedy of Sam getting hit on the head & when Jimmy shoots Sam in the gut with the cannon always gets me laughing.

    I also have to do the firing the gun in Bosco's..."He's got a gun, and he doesn't know how to use it!"

    For me, my 1st LOL moment was in 102...
    Sam: "Frankly Syble, your newspaper is depressing, and intimently personal."
    Max: "Like seeing Steven King getting a hot-buttered massage"
    Syble: "Oh, you saw last week's issue."
  • In 302, Tomb of Sammun-Mak, when Sameth and Maximus are attempting to sell a toy idea to the elves in exchange for the Can 'O Nuts.

    Sameth: Point and click adventure games! :D

    (BGM stops. Maximus turns to look at Sameth, confused. Slushie stares at Sameth, who's still grinning.)

    Slushie: ...You gotta be kiddin'.
  • i looled in Season 1 and 2 about everything =)
    but season 3 didnt even make me laugh that much as seasons 1 and 2 to me it was more darker and my favorite episode was 106 it was awesome ("ill call you horny") i looled at that part
  • There's a moment in Abe Lincoln Must Die where Max does "kitten eyes" and his lower lip trembles a little. I almost choked laughing
  • Most of the lines make me laugh, when I noticed the Number 1 dick mug on Sam's desk, I laughed a lot.
  • I can't remember my first LOL moment in the series, but my first one in 106 was definitely Sam's reaction to Bosco's disguise. "Hi, Bosc-Oh dear god."
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