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A Blister in Time(References and Sight Gags Thread)

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From the Sam and Max Season One case file. I suppose you would need a time machine to buy one of those!
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  • I see a Miami Vice poster just above it.
  • Edna's cat's name should be familiar to anyone who played ToMI
  • Martys fingers look a little square... Is he made of Legos?
  • sethf11;426565 said:
    Martys fingers look a little square... Is he made of Legos?
    It's probably more that I'm playing this on the lowest graphical at a low resolution so it doesn't run choppy.
  • I loved the "Weird Science" poster. But it was odd to see actual licensed Universal logos like that and "Miami Vice", and yet the mall has "JP Pinneys". :P
  • Haha! I see the Weird Science too! fantastic!
  • (Minor spoilers)

    Dear Telltale,

    I can't decide whether I'm more proud or disappointed that you resisted the urge to include an Amblin Entertainment reference during the end of this episode.

    That's all. Thanks.
  • Proud. You should definitely be proud. That reference stopped being funny a loooong time ago and I was relieved that it wasn't in there.
  • I've played through the first episode once and loved it. Along the way, I spotted plenty of in-jokes that only the fans will get, some more obvious than others. So... I'll attempt to list what I remember and you can add to it.

    Warning: Spoilers a-plenty to follow, naturally.

    - Doc Brown's jukebox plays Huey Lewis and the News' "Back in Time", prominently featured in the film series

    - Inside Edna Strickland's place, examining the newspapers repeatedly recounts "headlines" of many notable events from the various Back to the Future films.

    - At one point, Young Emmett Brown says, "I have a bad feeling about this..." Young Emmett Brown is voiced by James Arnold Taylor, who also voices Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. That line is from the Star Wars series, uttered by many different characters.

    - The law office sign in Hill Valley town square names Gale and Zemeckis as partners, referring to Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, producer and director of the BTTF series.

    - The jets on the rocket pack / bike greatly resemble the backside of a DeLorean.

    There are plenty more, but this should get us started...
  • I was hoping it didn't happen too... and it didn't. Bravo.
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