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Hit the pipe?

posted by The Highway on - last edited - Viewed by 7.9K users
I can't manage to do it to get the "soup" to roll down. I have been trying this puzzle for over an hour and I'm assuming a bad puzzle design, but I really need to do this.
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  • you have to make young doc help you with the door, once he puts his contraption at the door to keep the tables still, go make cueball add spice to the soup, then go and hit the pipe
  • done the contraption, made him add spice, i click on the pipe and he just talks. i honestly have no clue what to do
  • ah, i think you have to see him get the barrels down the elevator first, try to exit and that girl will come and take some barrels, then they'll have to replenish. Maybe that's what you'r missing
  • wait round the coner of the soup kitchen with doc and just stand there till you see a cut scene where the lift goes down
  • Some of these puzzles aren't very intuitive.
  • Well, to be honest, it is difficult to remember forum ettiquite when the game won't work.

    I have the door jam in place
    Cook is adding the spice
    I hit the pipe click the pipe

    "Looks like these pipes go into the basement..."


    @ kanoba I just have to STAND THERE?
  • "Some of these puzzles aren't very intuitive."

    Haha, the beauty of adventure gaming, my friend. You should have seen some of the puzzles during the SPACEQUEST games.
  • i think you'r missing a scene, dont remember exactly what i did, but at some point you see than they use an elevator when the pipe is hit to lower the barrels of liquor. Try talking with emett untill every option is done, fool arround a little out of sight from cueball and that scene should pop up, also try to exit the place to get the scene with the girl picking up the barrels.
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