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Changing subtitle/voice language (merged threads)

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I have encountered, that bttf has german soundpack. But i am afraid, that it fucks up the game. Are there any samples for german and french ?
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  • update : on the PC of my boyfriend (XP in French, locale in English !), the game works in English entirely (subtitles + dialogues).
    We used the same installer...

    Please could TellTales say which variable is used to change the language ?
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    I'm so glad that Telltale finally included french subs !
    But you may have issues activating them or activating english subs if you have a french Windows.

    The key parameter is called :
    -Langue pour les paramètres non Unicode
    -Language for non-Unicode programs

    To change it, go to :
    -panneau de configuration -> modifier les claviers... -> Administration -> modifier les paramètre régionaux
    -control panel -> change keyboards or... -> Administrative -> Change system locale...

    Have fun ! Et n'oubliez pas de penser en quatre dimensions !
  • I would like to know that, too. I installed the English version but everything is in German (except the audio). My Windows 7 is in German of course (as I am German and living in Germany). I would like to be able to switch languages and make the subtitles in English as well.

  • Okay - i found a solution:

    In Windows 7 just type "regional" in the search field.
    Then you click on the result in "System Control" (Systemsteuerung).
    In German it's "Datum, Uhrzeit und Zahlenformat ändern", in English probably something like "Change Date, Time and Numberformat".

    Then choose Verwaltung (Administration) and Gebietsschema ändern (Change Area Scheme). Here you can choose between Deutsch, English, French...

    If you start the game afterwards, your changes will be in effect. So you'll have English subtitles instead of German...

    However - this is not a proper solution. I would prefer to be able to switch between subtitle languages in the game.

  • Hi,

    I finally succeeded in launching the game (was stuck at the login page like many users) and I'm having similar language problems : all texts are in French and it sucks. I'm running Windows 7 in English but with "Belgium French" locale settings.

    The locale workaround is not a solution for me : I have to keep the locale to a French settings for work-related stuff (accountancy softwares and stuff like Microsoft Excel).

    On previous Telltale games, all you had to do was to change the language during the installation process to get the game in English but it's not even available here.

    On another unrelated note, the launcher looks like crap (I was stuck for a few hours on this launcher so I could really enjoy it). Is it possible it was made using html-editing software from 1985 ? It really looks like something made with Microsoft Frontpage from like... 15 years ago!

    I don't have an opinion yet on the game itself (played like 2 minutes to check the language) but so far, I am very disappointed by Telltale...
  • +1 for How can we change the language of the game without changing the locale of the computer and if not possible, put it in please!

    (I'm on windows 7 Home Premium, French (Canada) regional settings)
  • Hello everyone, Menu, and Subtitles are German, but the Voices are English.

    How can I manage to get the German Voices?
  • Xpider;427678 said:
    Hello everyone, Menu, and Subtitles are German, but the Voices are English.

    How can I manage to get the German Voices?
    *stands corrected. Nothing to see here*
  • There are german voices. You have to select the german version wen you download.
  • Open the Registry Editor: Simply type "regedit" in the Win7 Startbar Search Window.

    Then within the Reg Editor browse to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Telltale Games\BackToTheFuture101.exe

    In the Window where you see the Registry Entries like LanguageID, Version and stuff like that you have to create a new String Value. Just right click -> new -> String Value.

    Name it "language". After it's created simply double click it and change the Value to "english" or whatever Language you want to have for the text. I think only english, german, and french are working but i'm not sure about that!

    Now you can play the Game with English text :)
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