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Hit the pipe?

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I can't manage to do it to get the "soup" to roll down. I have been trying this puzzle for over an hour and I'm assuming a bad puzzle design, but I really need to do this.
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  • This puzzle was very easy in hindsight, but I had no idea I had to wait around doing absolutely nothing for minutes to trigger the elevator scene. Who stands around doing nothing in a game this cool?!
  • yes I had a same problem that fat guy he just seat there or do some coking and not hitting the pipe i done everything i think is bug within the game i restart a game and it was fine
  • I had the same problem. After reading here about it i just stood there for a couple of minutes. Getting bored, i thought lets walk over to Emmett and thats when finally the cut scene happend and i could "hit the pipe".
  • I just wanted to say that this "puzzle" took me an hour and a half to finnish because of the stupid pipe thing, while the rest of the game was stupid simple.

    My solution, I walked in to the corner by the kitchen door, waited for 15 minutes and finally the stupid cutsceen played.

    I remember the first Sam&Max episodes were low budget but this, this is just awfull... after playing this episode, I really regret buying this game!
  • I found out why this glitch happens.

    At the scene where kid tannen appears to get his shoes shined, you must speak with edna first and talk about the sober society and why meetings aren't held in the basement anymore. Then head over to kid tannen and talk to him regarding the sober society before taking the hat. If you didn't do that then the scene won't pop up as easily as it should (I.e after this event, go back to the soup kitchen and simply walk to the back and the cutscene triggers.)

    Hopefully this helps those of you stuck at this pipe part too.
  • I had the same problem. Unfortunately I had already taken the hat back from Kid Tannen. There is a serious glitch because the scene never showed, I tried everything, then broke down and looked at the hints, no luck, then came to this forum, no luck. And just now when I reloaded my game the scene showed first thing.

  • PrivateJoker;427141 said:
    Some of these puzzles aren't very intuitive.
    Haha you haven't played many adventure games, have you?

    Actually, I felt some of the puzzles were highly intuitive. As soon as you see the barrels go down in the elevator combined with the overly obvious fact that Cue ball had to move the cart to get to the spices made it obvious that you were going to have to do something when he moved the cart. At one point I thought that it would somehow involve a barrel of alcohol rolling off to where you could pick it up, but either way I thought it was actually rather obvious what to do.

    This is the first adventure game I recall playing in a long time where I haven't either needed to look up a hint/solution or at least gotten stuck for 10+ minutes on a particular puzzle.

    Some of the complaints in this thread don't sound like it was a glitch but simply rather you didn't hit the "trigger" correctly for a sequence to play out. Whenever I find myself unable to progress in an adventure game, I do a bunch of things - leave areas, return to areas, talk to NPCs I haven't talked to recently, etc. Eventually you'll trigger something you haven't triggered or you'll get enough hints to figure out what to do.

    And no matter how much play testing you do, games have glitches. Most of the biggest budget games of all time release multiple patches to fix glitches and such. Not sure why ONE glitch you experience would make you regret buying a game. I've never heard so many impatient people before, but perhaps that's because you aren't used to adventure games, where patience is incredibly important. Whatever you do - if this game caused you frustration, then do NOT by any means play a "difficult" old-school adventure game without using a walkthrough. You'll pull every last one of your hairs out.
  • I too cannot get the pipe-hitting cutscene to trigger. I've done everything as indicated in the walkthru and what was suggested in this thread. I think it's just an awful glitch, and it's really ruining the experience of this game. I mean, so far, in a game about awesome sorts of things like time travel I've spent the majority of my gametime having repeated conversations about soup.
  • I just walked around the side area of the soup bar. I think the logic behind this scene is that the soup guy doesn't want to hit the pipe until he is alone and nobody can see what's going on. Just stay out of sight and it'll eventually happen.
  • TentuZero;428903 said:
    Then head over to kid tannen and talk to him regarding the sober society before taking the hat.
    I never once had that conversation with Kid, but the cutscene showed up both times I played through the game, so...that can't be it.
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