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Buying Sam & Max Complete Collection

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Hey guys,
Was thinking about buying the complete collection of Sam and Max, seeing as there is this amazing deal going on! $19.95. Bargain. Well my query was can I download them all, or do I get them on disc in the post. I'm not impatient or anything, but I'm in the UK so delivery times are likely to be reasonably high!

Many Thanks in advance!

Harry :)
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  • Thanks so much for your quick reply! :) It was a great help, I'm off to buy it now :D Looking forward to it! I played old-school sam and max ;P

    Thanks again! :)
  • I noticed this great deal myself, and I actually begged off a credit card from my dad to purchase this game. $20 for the whole collection?! I couldn't say no!

    Imagine my horror when I found that the deal doesn't seem to be working any longer. My shopping item total indicates that the price is back at $50 again. It makes me want to cry! I can't convince my dad to let me spend that much on computer games :(

    Is the bargain deal really over, or is my computer giving me a glitchy total?
  • I don't think it's running anymore can someone confirm?

    The front page says $40, the collection page says $50, but right under it it says $20, so who knows what it actually should be?
  • ^
    It's 20 dollars. At least that's what I got it for.

    I checked it out and for me it says it retails for 39,99 in the shopping cart.
  • So you got it for $20, but now it's $40? As I said there are 3 conflicting numbers on the site so it's confusing. It said $40 for me too, but you want to believe it should be $20. :D
  • Origami;396860 said:
    It's 20 dollars. At least that's what I got it for.

    I checked it out and for me it says it retails for 39,99 in the shopping cart.
    The same for me. The unit price proclaims $50, but there's some kind of discount code, so the item total comes around to $40, but the 'buy me' page, highlighting the details of the product, suggests that currently at a price of 20$.

    The most frustrating thing is that I KNEW, just a few days ago, that it was 20$ because it said so on the item price. That was when I rushed out to borrow a credit card from my dad. But yesterday, when I clicked on 'buy me', the item price had shot up to $40 again.

    I feel I missed the bargain by a matter of a few hours. It's very frustrating :(

    All I want to know is was this 20$ offer a bargain for the month of October only, or is it a glitch on the system that's registering the item for 40$/50$ when it should be 20$?
  • I think it was for October and the page just hasn't been updated, better luck next time I guess.
  • RQD is right, The Talk Like A Pirate day deal made Tales of Monkey Island $5, but for almost a week after that the price was still $5 on the sidebars.
  • Thanks everyone for helping to clarify the situation. I was just unlucky and missed the deal. But there's sure to be another one, right? So I'll just wait around for a bit.

    There's always deals going on over at telltale games right? This 20$ for three seasons sounded awesome, but it wasn't just a one-time fluke, right? If I remain vigilant, I WILL get another bargain, right?!????

    Ok, I'm getting a little frantic here. I'll just be patient and vigilant. Thanks for helping, everyone.
  • monkeymovies;392769 said:
    If you buy them in the bargain, you'll get the episodes available for download in your "My Games" section, then if you want, you can also get the Free Season DVD's (only free after seasons have been bought) for only the cost of shipping.

    So basically, it would make the most sense if you buy the $19.99 deal and get the games in your "My Games" section, then get the DVD's afterwards in a seperate cart, then they will be free for you apart from the cost of shipping.

    I just repeated myself, but hope that helps!
    I bought the entire three seasons for $25 (before reading this post). I thought it was a retail copy to begin with but apparently I was incorrect. I followed your instructions but I am unable to acquire the retail DVDs for free. They still show up with their regular price in my cart. Please help... Thanks
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