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Case 3 - NO WHAT!!! HELP :(

posted by m3kal on - last edited - Viewed by 635 users
Ok so far ive done as much as i can, but now ive used as many hints as poss only because im stuck and i think it may be a glitch, im hoping someone has done this case on the xbox 360 so i know its me!

Ok ive got the original singer (jill wilde) and the sound tech guy (todd) in for questions, ive still got the guy eddie tillis at the recording studio but hes not saying anything now, ive asked all i can, and the woman kathy catanta in the luxury suite she aint saying nothing to, again ive asked all i can to her.

Ive got 3 green ticks on the locations other than the recording studio? all my evidence and other items have been checked and green ticked.

So because im stuck ive tried ALL hints available and it says for me to ask all questions to jill and then ask Brass to get eddie for questioning??? which will then let me go to the jet! but the problem im having is jill dont say anthing and todd does not to. i cant get brass to get eddie for questioning. So im thinking is it the game?

If someone has got passed this case then please tell me where ive gone wrong. Thanks :confused:
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  • is that the bottle that says taste like piss! im on it now. Hey and thanks for your help.
  • Cool. sorted it cant believe i never seen that, i was to busy checking the bottle. Oh well, hopefully do the next case without any help! thanks
  • hey i dont understand im on the same part you are what do you have to do with the bottle in the sudio?? ive been all over it and cant do anything. what do i have to do to get eddie in the interogation room? missing somthing from the recording studio. any help would be great!
  • never mind i found the stupid thing....ahhh man im an idiot
  • wow what a game, shame i needed help but now finished it. I hope more games like this come out on the 360.. :)
  • O.k. what am I missing! I have the pedal and I see 3 prints on it and a loose screw but when I try to collect all the items it will only let me collect one print!
    If I click on the pedal again it only shows the print I have already taken.. I thought well I'll just finish it up in the lab but when I click on it I am told
    I still have more to do! I know I need the other prints and the screw but....
    did I miss something or do I have to process the one print and find the match before I can collect the others?
  • there is only one print on the echo peddal.... its on the left side of it (and you probably just forgot to use the tape lift on the print to collect it ;) ), and you can collect the loose screw from the back using the tweezers

    once you have taken those 2 items from it, you can process it on the assembly table

    on nother note, there is a tequila bottle in the back of the stage which has 3 prints on it, running these 3 prints will get you the humorus criminal records of the band members
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