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New features sound off!

posted by MarkDarin Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 381 users
Hey guys, now that the game is finally out, it's pretty obvious that we made a few changes to the interface and added quite a few new features! I'm curious to know what you guys though about it. Was the new interface a welcome update, or more confusing than the previous ones? How about the new thoroughness point system and bug collection? Did working in the lab come naturally, or was the learning curve too steep? Do you like Grissom better with or without the beard? Feel free to give us a virtual thrashing or shower with praise, we wont hold it against you either way... but it might not hurt to remember that we have spent alot of time thinking about how to cover up a crime! :P
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  • ok.. *cracks knuckles* next year, do the character models yourself... outsorceing the locations is fine, but please do the characters yourself

    i like the interface, its much more visually pleasing, and it has about the same usage as the old TDOM one.... it just looks cooler :D

    and next year, you should make the evidence tagging and location assist features a little less confusing... mark a location as searched untill after you have a warrant to search it.... then have the check go away one you have the ability to search the location, likewise if you have to come back for new evidence

    and if you find a peice of evidence... process it and find no match... have something say that there is nothing more you can do with it at the moment

    also... i would like to see options while questiong and interrogating people.... have your tone and manner of questioning affect how they respond to you....

    and have the hints be more in-deapth.... if you are missing something, and you ask where it is, have something visaully show you the item/s you missed

    not just have a list of things you need to do, or things you need to find.... have it be more helpfull and tell you exactly what you need to do and just that.... not have a list of a bunch of other things you may have already done

    also... i would add some keyboard shortcuts.... to the various screens, use the "F" keys
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    "How about the new thoroughness point system and bug collection?"

    I enjoy the newest CSI game as I have all previous ones, with one exception.
    OK, maybe 2, but they go together.

    I resent being penalized for not being 100% "thorough." I find and process all the evidence completely, nail the bad guy (or gal, or pair) and use no hints, yet am not awarded the rank of master because I *didn't* look at a particular hot spot that didn't contain anything needed to solve the crime anyway?!

    On the other hand, I think Kate Savage has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard,
    so thank you for that. :-}
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    MarkDarin;42931 said:
    How about the new thoroughness point system and bug collection?
    I'm enjoying this latest CSI gane as much as I have all the previous ones... with one exception.

    I resent that I'm penalized for not being 100% "thorough."

    I fina all the evidence, process it completely (you could also say thoroughly :-} ) and nail the bad guy (or gal, or both) yet I don't achieve the rank of master because I haven't checked out a hot spot that doesn't contain anything I need to complete the case anyway!

    On the other hand, I think Kate Savage has an extremely sexy voice, so thank you for that. :-}
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