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BTTF won't accept my username / password

posted by Devious Cow on - last edited - Viewed by 648 users
BTTF won't start - I can't log in. I've reset my password and tried again, it still tells me I don't own it. I've tried both my Telltale username (Devious Cow) and my email address for the username.
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  • I've worked out that it's not my username/password, it thinks I didn't buy the game.
    I preordered, and I can see a pre-order item in my "previous purchases", but it's not on my list of games that I can download. I even had pre-order forum access.

    PLEASE HELP TELLTALE! I've been waiting for this game for months and I'm devistated it's not working!!!!
  • I have a similar problem, although I do see the game in the downloadable game list. I get the following message when I try to log in:
    "Sorry, but we can't find that username. Please check and re-enter your username in order to log-in."

    As the left part of the launcher window is practically empty, I have the suspicion that it can't connect to the telltale server.

    Also, I don't have a "take me to the demo" button, and no "manual unlock" button either. Which means I have no means to play the game :(
    Please help!
  • OK, I actually managed to sort it out. It wasn't the server connection I suspected, but a much more stupid issue - the activation procedure seems to have an issue with my username. when I used my E-mail address instead, it activated fine, and the game started.
  • If anyone has the problem I did, email telltale support with your order number and they'll sort it out. Thanks Telltale!
  • i have the same problem I change the pasword but it put me this

    Sorry, but it doesn't look like you own Back to the Future: The Game. Try logging in again under a different account or pick up the game.

    Can you help me
  • I have the same problem
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