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Hit the pipe?

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I can't manage to do it to get the "soup" to roll down. I have been trying this puzzle for over an hour and I'm assuming a bad puzzle design, but I really need to do this.
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  • Definitely a glitch, and a very bad one too, game-breaking. I played through a second time and the scene triggered immediately as soon as I walked around the corner, right after the scene where the barrels are first delivered. The first time I played through, it simply never happened, for absolutely no reason, and I talked to people over and over and over in vain looking for something I'd missed. There wasn't anything.

    And having the conversation with Kid Tannen doesn't have any effect on it. It triggered for me before I ever spoke to him, though I did talk to Emmett and Edna before going in to the soup kitchen.
  • Okay, this is weird. I finally got it to work, but it doesn't make much sense. I never saw the pipe cutscene. I kept clicking the pipe, and Marty would just talk about it. I walked off to the left, and I stood there doing nothing for a few minutes. No cutscene. Then I walked back over and clicked the pipe. And then Marty hit it.
  • It's an awful bug in what is otherwise a pish easy episode.

    I'm a major fan of Telltale and pretty much everything they do but I'm very disappointed in this episode. I can only hope it was a pre-Christmas rush release job and the guys get their act together for the next instalment.
  • No cutscene here also. Can't play further.

    Now, the cutscene came out of nothing. Just readed the signs in the back and standing around for some time. Poof, Cutscene. Yay, I was short before give up.
  • I had the same problem and eventually restarted (good thing the episode is short). I think I had the problem because I suggested to have the Stay Sober Society have their meeting at the brown's home before meeting young doc. I think this for some reason messes up the trigger for the cut scene. The second play through I went into the soup kitchen and had no problem. The cut scene came immediately.
  • chucklas;429731 said:
    I think I had the problem because I suggested to have the Stay Sober Society have their meeting at the brown's home before meeting young doc. .
    That's just one of the issues I have with the design of this game. I found that I was often solving puzzles I didn't know I needed to solve yet.

    The game IS too easy if you don't count the buggy pipe sequence. But I really did have a lot of fun playing it.
  • Tried it for 50 minutes and nothing. Then I restarted the game and the cut scene appeared after 5 minutes...
  • playing the second time, guy comes in bringing the soup and the "special soup", guy gets out, i'm walking left towards emmet (so i'm out of sight for the soup guy) and the scene was triggered.

    tried it twice, one time i visited artur's place before, second time i didn't.

    scene triggered in both tries right after i walk to the left
  • Just did it and the cutscene happened as soon as I went to the left right after checking the barrels with alcohol, maybe that's the trigger, clicking on the barrels and then inmediately going left?
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