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YES, you have paid 24.95$ and now own ALL FIVE episodes.

posted by Vern Brown on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Just wondering if I preorder the game if I get all five games for the price or is it just for episode one and I have to pay for the other episodes as they are released?
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  • Since you are a newer member here, I would like to say:

    Congratulations on your first Season purchase!

    Also, I wish that you really enjoy your adventure in "Puzzle Agent."
  • rfc;423187 said:
    Great Scott! -> ordered!
    Yes believe me when I say one episode is not worth 24.95
    They are great episodes and will be a lot of fun, but not worth that muck to me. 24.95 is great for the full season though.
    Plus episode 1 is free.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    rfc;423187 said:
    Great Scott! -> ordered!
    Please also note that these are adventure EPISODES. One episode will last about 2 to 4 hours gaming time, which normally shocks TTG newbies out of their wits. ;)

    And welcome, welcome! :D
    Gman5852;423194 said:
    Plus episode 1 is free.
    Welllll... I think we're over that idea now. At least partially. :)
  • I never really got into the old LucasArt adventure games to be able to enjoy all the fan service of the other titles, but BTTF is going to be a nice way back moment. $24.95 is a reasonable price for a game that should be about as long as your average game altogether.
  • Hello and Merry Christmas! Are all of the episodes for Back To The Future included in the posted purchase price?:rolleyes:
  • Yes, and so is the DVD with all the episodes + extras that you can get after the season is over.
  • Will the dvd be posted to the address that I provided when buying the game?
  • SuperEgz;430457 said:
    Will the dvd be posted to the address that I provided when buying the game?
    Not automatically. When the DVD is released (Or is about to be released), you will be able to add it to your cart in Telltale's online shop, and it will be posted to whichever address you specify at that time.
  • You have to make an additional purchase when DVD is available to be purchased in the store. Because you already have the season the system automatically will reduce price to 0.00$s (plus shipping). There you can enter your address. But there isn't much of a thing to do right now.
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