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Where's the poker game?

posted by DrWriterMom on - last edited - Viewed by 445 users
I've completed the cases, so where's the poker game? Please?
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  • You will need to complete all cases with a Master Ranking, to gain access to the Blackjack game.

    (You don't need to collect all insects - just get all evidence, use no hints, and get allmost all thoroughness points.)

    Once you do that, it's in the Bonus Items room, on the little table between the doors and the insect jar.
  • How do get a Master Ranking if you get all the evidence but miss 1 or 2 of the thoroughness points? I have all the bugs and all the evidence but I miss 1 or 2 thoroughness points and I only get Sr Investigator so I don't get some of the extras like the poker game
  • Did you ask for any hints?

    Missing 1 thoroughness point doesn't dock you. 2 might dock you if there are very few thoroughness points in the case.

    The blackjack game is the extra bonus for people who finish everything on Master.
  • Okay, so I just redid Case 2, and have only 12/17 thoroughness points. I'm going nuts, trying to find the areas I didn't "thoroughly" check. I got all the evidence, analyzed all the evidence, asked all the questions, and thought I checked every place thoroughly. I'm on my third pass with this case, it's driving me nuts.


    Oh, and I didn't ask for any hints.
  • Is it worth doing for a blackjack mini game i mean blackjack is fun but is it done and thought out well on hard evidence

  • DesignerGreg;43066 said:
    The blackjack game is the extra bonus for people who finish everything on Master.
    Well thats that spoiled. Kinda wish I hadn't read this topic now.:p
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