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Password Reset

posted by rylierules on - last edited - Viewed by 538 users
I am trying to reset password on the account that I purchased my Sam and Max on, even though I'm sure the password is right. I have entered the email address several times a day for the last few days and I have not received anything to reset password. The email on the other account is . Thank for any help
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  • You really should leave this to Support and remove any and all references to your email addresses/login names, lest you are leaving an open invitation to spam.
  • My friend Mandahaya forgot her password and would like to reset it, but the response email she gets redirects her to a sign-in formular again - any suggestions for her?
  • Status update: everything's okay now and I could finally reset things, but for some reason the link always redirected me to my purchases on Telltale stuff and I'd have to log in to see that page - except I couldn't due to having forgotten my password and hence, requesting a working reset link. (Which is a pretty nasty error loop if you ask me... Also I was confused at first that I wouldn't receive a mail so soon and that it took one entire day for it to arrive in the end, so I requested quite a handful of these support mails - sorry if I bugged anyone with this, I was kind of clueless on how to get back into my account like this.)

    (Finally, I feel like I should add the reason for my panic: I had to wait three months now until I could finally get access to the Great Adventure Bundle which my dad got me as a Christmas present. The only problem was that I had forgotten my password back then so I reset it to allow my dad to log in and purchase the bundle last minute. Unfortunately while I cleaned my room I must have put that post-it note with the new password on it somewhere I couldn't find it back, and despite the fact that I was still logged in, I couldn't change the password without knowing my old one and then it turned out that not even the support mail would arrive in time and yada yada... Sorry again if my mails happened to annoy someone! I'll finally go install meh aweshome Chrishmash preshent gamesh now :) .)
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