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Team Fortress 2 toon shading in Season 2?

posted by abdallah on - last edited - Viewed by 5K users
Oh come on you know you want to try it out! It looks absolutely delicious, and the nonflat style of it would work much better for Sam n Max than toonshading a la Windwaker.
Here's a pdf file from Valve where they tell exactly how it's done:

Oh pretty please with sugar on top consider doing something similar :)
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  • yeah.. i'm following TF2 for a long time (too long actually) and I really digg the new cartoony style.
    When I saw the trailers om S&M S2 I thought they would use the same technique's as TF2. But maybe this is something for S&M S3 :) (pleeeeaaaase, pretty pleeaaase, wet puppy eyes pleeaaase)
  • Jake;42548 said:
    I tried pasting the PDF into the rendering engine source code, and it's giving me compile errors. I guess it's not that easy.

    You have to translate the PDF into LOLcode.

    LOLcode is an industry standard now... get with the times, man!

    Would you like us to just take over development for you guys? Yeesh! :p
  • Yeah even I can produce those visuals - here look
    Presto. Didn't take me more than a minute either.
  • I pre-ordered the orange box and played TF2 for ten hours in 3 days (+school and work).

    The graphics are totaly different from the graphics of S&M, more pixar like. Maybe S&M is more cartoony, but I think this toon shader thing will look great on S&M.

    I also like the use of motion blur and the facial animations of the characters in TF2. Telltale has to check this game out, just for study :)
  • Many of us already play TF2, thank you very much. You're not going to see those graphics in season two, though. It's not even our style, really :(
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yeah we all play it quite a lot, actually. Doug's got a dedicated server running in the office for LAN matches. Digging around the general forum will even reveal a thread Nick created about it.
  • Harald B;42550 said:
    What's wrong with the season one lighting?? The way Max looked in all the various lights in Reality 2.0 was stunning, especially when he turns his head in closeup when in front of the firewall. I can't imagine cell shading working better.
    What's wrong? Tons.

    It WOULD have looked stunning, surely, if it weren't for the complete absence of reflections and shadows. Without these, the lighting lacks much in terms of realism.

    Just compare the office render for season 2 with the office screenshot, and you'll know what I mean.
  • Absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics so far! This is just a really cool way to render them.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    We'd like to expand our renderer out to do cooler stuff, and in fact have already made some enhancements on the console side for CSI, like per pixel shading for cleaner environment/specular maps (if you look at the mobile crime lab vehicle on the 360 and then compare it to the PC, the new tech that made it into the 360 version is a noticeable improvement) and generally making things look nicer. We're always improving basically everything ... if you go back and play Out From Boneville then jump into the last few Sam & Max episodes it's obvious that things are always slowly building. One big difference between Telltale and the standard game company, though, is that we don't sequester ourselves in the back of the office for two years writing a new rendering engine for every game we ship -- the updates to the visual side get snuck in slowly either as we need them, or when a programmer has time and is tasked to spend it on that sort of thing in between shipping episodes, or between seasons. There's always progress going on, and we're always discovering new things we can do even within the existing toolset (there are some effects in season two that people will probably be surprised by, and I probably nearly broke the engine doing some of the composing for the opening title sequence), but from a single episode or season to the next, there aren't a stunning amount of leaps forward in every arena. All that said, I think people will be surprised by some of the stuff we'll be churning out over the next year. Probably not Team Fortress 2, but, you know. :)
  • Cool, definitely looking forward to seeing it :) I did notice the shader stuff in Season 1. And I understand you have a completely different model than big companies like Valve. I'll take good art direction over the Unreal 3 engine any day, and that you have :)
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