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Show us some linux love - Linux Port?

posted by pirate132 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users
Since Tales of Monkey Island will be ported to Mac I would like to ask if it will be possible to make a Linux port too.
Perhaps there are some more linux users who would like to play it natively on their system, if so, raise your hand!

Are there enough linux users out there who would like to play Monkey Island (without any emulation/Wine/VM) on linux?
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  • ok, without reading the whole thread, here are some facts i like to post here, because they come up every time someone talks about a linux port of some windows game:
    • linux isn’t the text-only operating system with geeky green letters nobody understands, if you don’t want it to be. especially the KDE desktop is graphically very advanced.
    • linux sure comes in different versions (called “distributions”), but xp and vista are far more different than fedora and debian regarding binary compatibility (meaning “stuff that runs in linux x most likely runs in every other one”)
    • if a 3D application is already ported from directx to opengl (3d api) and from windows to mac (system architecture), the main deal is done. linux uses opengl, too (like mac) and is a unix-like (like mac, unlike windows).*
    • a linux port wouldn’t hurt any of the windows users
    *of course developing something in opengl from the start is the best choice, because the features which would require e.g. directx 10 or 11 (only for vista or 7) are available in opengl 4 (every windows, linux or mac os), too. there are no disadvantages except there are some more directx developers than opengl developers (microsoft really pulled off a good advertising campaign here)
  • Sorry for the bump :P.

    Personally, all that I care is that it works flawlessly in Wine. The only problems I have with the telltale games are the launcher; if they switched the windows launcher to be natively implemented or Qt or something, I'd have no problems. That said, if they can port their games to Mac, there's barely any effort from there to make a native Linux port; Macs and Linux are practically cousins in terms of the technologies they use: CUPS, OpenGL, etc.
  • I'd really love for Telltale games to be ported to Linux. I switched to Ubuntu a few months ago, and anytime I want to play a Linux game it's an unsatisfactory choice between an unreliable Wine or a slow boot into Windows XP.
  • would be nice to have a linux port.
  • Yes I think that there are. 30 million people use Linux world wide. Most computer geeks use Linux or Apple. Windows is strictly for N users.
  • I am not convinced of that. There are a lot of Linux users including myself that have held off from buying these games in hope that they might create a Linux port. Unfortunately it seems the people running Telltale have not caught on or have some miss guided idea about Linux. Many Independent game makers have Linux ports because there is a market out there. 30 million users to be exact. Many computer geeks have switched to Linux or at least use them as servers and second machines if not first like my self. I just don't want to have to set up a Windows box or do some Wine hack for these games. Maybe Telltale will me nice enough to help with ScummVM support and port these games
  • IDSoftware Quake games have always worked perfectly on any distro (including 64 bit) I have used. Prey Runs great. So does Unreal 1,2,3 and 4.
  • A big +1 for native GNU/Linux support

    I'm a big fan of IDSoftware Quake games (QII, QIII & ETQW)... yeahhhh i'm a linux user for more then 12 years :)))

    But 12 years playing (mainly) with FPS, it's a bit boring... I love point & click games...

    I bought machinarium (native linux support) last year I think, to change a bit !!! A real good game, with good music...

    I'm ready to buy some of your game too !!!

    Make a pre-order offer to see how many linux user would buy if you port your game on linux ?!!!

  • I'd love native linux support for these games too. Although I can imagine TTG are a bit busy on a couple of series that they are working on.
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