game crashes shortly after beginning

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i bought tomi today and tried it. setup and starting up the game worked just fine. but everytime i got to the point where i stick the blade into lechuck the game crashes and the window opens where i can look online for a solution, but even that doesn´t work. to be exact, if i try looking up the solution online, nothing happens. the window just closes. i restarted the game several times but it always crashes at the point where guybrush looks down at the knife and wonders about something. please help me. what could be the reason?


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    i guess at this point a video perhaps with higher quality would start. i installed directx...don´t know what to do. reinstalled it, same problem
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    ah yes. the window that opens after crashing says soemthing like "monkeyisland101.exe doesn´t work anymore"..if that helps.
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    Have you tried lowering the quality settings?
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    I have exactly the same problem, and lowering quality settings doesn't make any effect.
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    same thing here. lowest settings and still crashes
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    i am from germany.
    My problem is a bit different, but maybe it is the same reason.
    The installation was done and i have played, saved. One day later i can't load the game from the saving point.
    New installation and it worked.
    But every time, when i want to play i have to install the game. Thats just a workaround, but no solution.
    Has anyone an idea?
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    Have any of you tried posting in the tech support forum? I'm not sure that this is the best place to post the thread if you want a solution.

    Hope you get the game working soon :)
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