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YES, you have paid 24.95$ and now own ALL FIVE episodes.

posted by Vern Brown on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
Just wondering if I preorder the game if I get all five games for the price or is it just for episode one and I have to pay for the other episodes as they are released?
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  • Hi, new to Telltale Games, but long time Back To The Future Fan. So I just purchased BTTF:TG episode 1 and was wondering if this purchase will include the other episodes or will they have to be bought individually as they become introduced?
  • It, of course, includes all 5 episodes.

    You can't purchase episode 1. You purchased 5 episodes, and will be allowed to download them as soon as they are released. (one per month, though episode 2 is coming in february)
  • Thank you for the quick response. I was hoping so. After I made the purchase I had a fear that each episode would be another $20-25. Glad to hear it and can't wait for this to finish downloading.
  • And actually, you might find episode 1 a little too easy and short, but this episode is "free".

    Telltale games usually cost 35 dollars, BTTF only 25 ;) .
  • 25$ for all 5 episodes... welcome to the telltale-addiction :D
  • Cyphox;431458 said:
    25$ for all 5 episodes... welcome to the telltale-addiction :D
    Be warned though, it's a slippery slope from here. $25 might not seem like much but before you know it, you're selling your body on the streets just to get that next fix...

    You have been warned.

    Gotta go now, I have a burly, hairy sailor demanding my services :(
  • Hate to tell you guys but I just got it on sale for 22.49!!!
  • i own every single game. at least twice.

    and i bought so much merchandising stuff with this handy 80% coupon you got as a preorderer.

    its just horrible.... i wish i would never went to this website and all of its great games... i hate telltale......

    edit: yeah, if you want to, you can say, i sold my body... and everything.... a long time ago....
  • Cyphox;431473 said:
    i own every single game. at least twice.
    Oh man, that's a lot of sailors. Do you want me to pass your information on to A.A. (Adventurer's Anonymous)?
  • I loved the movie and thought a point and click game would be fun. The game was fun but then I beat it in less than a day. So what did I pay $25 for? I better not have to lay out any more money for the remainder of the episodes. I wish we could have had more chances to explore the town and interact with the characters.
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