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Which Game Season DVDs are both Mac & PC compatible?

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Hello faithful support staff,

I have a clarification question, rather than a problem.

I have made it a habit of preordering game seasons because hey, I love what y'all are doing and I love the free DVD offer that comes with it.

However, I found myself making a switch between operating systems, the results of which is a heightened awareness of compatibility for my software. This, coupled with the company's dedication to going back and making past games compatible with both Windows and Mac leaves me confused as to exactly which complete season DVDs are usable on my Apple computer. These are my best guesses; please clarify?

Sam & Max Season 1: No
Sam & Max Season 2: Uncertain (Mac versions available for download, not specified if DVD is updated to have Mac versions now)
Sam & Max Season 3: Yes (explicitly stated)
Strong Bad: No (explicitly stated)
Tales of Monkey Island: Yes (explicitly stated)
Wallace & Gromit: No

Thanks in advance!
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Your educated guesses are right.
    At this time, every downloadable game and DVD is available for PC.
    The DVD's for TOMI and The Devil's Playhouse can be used on both Mac and PC.
    The downloadable versions of Sam & Max Season Two, TOMI and The Devil's Playhouse are available for both Mac and PC (as are Puzzle Agent and Poker Night at the Inventory).
    When they released their first Mac games (TOMI, then Sam & Max Season Two), Telltale announced that their other older games would be made available for Mac in due course (this blog post says "We'll be making them available for Mac within the course of this year", but that might have been a tad too optimistic).
    None have been released yet but Strong Bad's Cool Game for Amazing People will be next.
  • I guess my main question is whether the Sam & Max Season 2 DVD is Mac compatible at this time.
  • No, Sam and Max S2 DVD does not have the Mac versions on it. It was released before the Mac versions were available (or even announced). I don't think Telltale has pressed a new version of the disc, nor have they announced any plans to.
  • thanks for the answer!
  • Soup;422954 said:
    ...which complete season DVDs are usable on my Apple computer...
    As stated by others, only the S&M Season 3 and TOMI discs contain the Mac versions of the games. But note that any Mac will mount and read these DVDs and allow you to access much of the "extra" (non-executable) content. The videos on the S&M Seasons 1 and 2 discs will play in DVD (in fact, they'll probably start playing automatically when you insert the disc, unless you've configured the app otherwise). The Wallace & Gromit DVD is built differently, and you might need some third-party software to access the videos on that one. The concept art, soundtrack samplers, wallpapers, etc. on the DVDs are all accessible on a Mac, since most of those files are in generic formats. (I don't have StrongBad, so I don't know for sure, but I can't imagine it wouldn't also be accessible by a Mac.)
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