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Changing subtitle/voice language (merged threads)

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I have encountered, that bttf has german soundpack. But i am afraid, that it fucks up the game. Are there any samples for german and french ?
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  • assuming this problem concers mostly german speakers ,i give u my solution in german
    weil einfacher für mich.
    Falls ihr das spiel zum laufen gebracht hab,deutsche untertitel aber englische synchro, könnt einfach die deutsche sprachdatei mit der englischen ersetzen.
    Die datei kann ich euch schicken, wenn ihr wollt. Einfach pm mit e-mail an mich schicken.Habt ihr die Datei geht ihr in das Verzeichnis des Spiels.

    Recht klick auf BackTotheFuture101--->paketinhalt zeigen--->contents--->Resources--->Pack

    Dort fügt ihr die deutsche Sprachdatei ein(0_BackToTheFuture_pc_german_voice.ttarch) und löscht die englische(2_BackToTheFuture_pc_voice.ttarch)
  • Kord said:
    Ugh, I am a German too, using Windows Vista.
    I, too, would like this game to be completely in English, not in some horrid German version...what can I do??
    I've had the same problem on my Windows Vista DE system!

    For Vista the regkey is a bit different:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Telltale Games\BackToTheFuture101.exe

    You have to add the key "Language" (String/Zeichenfolge) and set its value to "english". Then everything works fine! :D

    @Telltale: Please fix this for the next episode! I'd also like to change the language setting of the game in the game..

  • Hello,

    I downloaded the "english" version of the game (there is a choice between english and german), but when I launch the game, it is in French, and there is no option to switch back to english (or I least I didn't find it).

    I guess it's because I have a French XP version. But it would be wrong to assume that because of this, I want to play the game with menus, hints etc. in French.

    I mean playing BTTFTG in French would be like watching a performance of Mozart's Zauberflöte in english: an heresy...

    Does someone know how I can set the interface language in the game?

  • It's just subtitles... Get over it...

    But yeah, as a matter of fact, I know how you can fix this.

    Tu n'as qu'à lire ce topic :
  • First of all ... thanks for releasing the game in english and german at the same time, many fans will celebrate this day.

    However ... I prefer to play my games in english (even if I am german), so I downloaded the version with english voice, so far so good.

    The problem: all on-screen texts, menus, some ingame graphics ... are german.
    How can I set it to english?
  • I'm not sure but I do wonder if it makes the choice based on your OS language settings.
  • Yes they do.
    You can set the region for non unicode programs to english to get english text in the game.
    (There was a thread with details for that somewhere on this board)

    But it is annoying as hell, and I hope telltale will fix th issue for later episodes, as I don't want to twist my system configuration for the two hours of play every time.
  • Thanks :-) And I see that my message was directly moved in the right topic.

    By the way: No I don't want to get over with it :D
  • Schlichi;427513 said:
    Okay - i found a solution:

    In Windows 7 just type "regional" in the search field.
    Then you click on the result in "System Control" (Systemsteuerung).
    In German it's "Datum, Uhrzeit und Zahlenformat ändern", in English probably something like "Change Date, Time and Numberformat".

    Then choose Verwaltung (Administration) and Gebietsschema ändern (Change Area Scheme). Here you can choose between Deutsch, English, French...

    If you start the game afterwards, your changes will be in effect. So you'll have English subtitles instead of German...
    Well, I'm using XP and the "Gebietsschema" - trick didn't work out for me - not even after rebooting my system. And frankly, even if it had, that's not a proper solution. And I certainly won't mess with my registry..
  • a mod (djnb or something like that) has already created some reg-files you just have to doubleclick to add the needed value to the registry. cant find the thread right now, i've uploaded them (and added french)
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