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Steve's favorite comics

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I thought I'd bring this discussion up to the sam and max boards. Now Steve Purcell is a cartoonist and has done the sam and max comics, sometimes a certain cartoonist would have a look on their favorite comics/graphic novels. So does anyone know what Steve likes for comics?
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  • Well I know for sure his comics have referenced Batman (robin trick or treater) and Archie (Betty and Veronica wearing sam and max swimsuits sunbathing. ) comics... so you could assume he has some fondness for those..
  • Well he went to art college with Mike Mignolia and Art Adams so their comics, also you could look at the Valuable Links on Spudvision.
  • You can ask him yourself if you like. He occasionally replies to comments on the official Sam and Max Blog. Not always, of course, but you might get lucky.

    Anyway, Steve is friends with Mike Mignola (who you probably know as the creator of Hellboy) and Art Adams, so it goes without saying he's a big fan of their work. He's also cited Mad Magazine's early years as an influence.
  • He may like Hellboy since he's friends with its creator and his facebook page says that he's friends with Doug tennapel(earthworm jim. But he does comics too). And since when was where a page where Betty and Veronica were wearing sam and max swimsuits?
  • Look in Surfin' The highway if you have a copy. Dialogue of Sam and Max in Backgoround
    Sam: My god, Max! I stepped on a deadly stonefish!
    Max: It's a buttermilk cruller, you dork.

    They're wearing Max swimsuits, and there is a Sam and Max bucket next to them.
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