Bootleg Alcohol Glitch?

Due to the nature of my problem, possible minor spoilers ahead.

Edit For some reason, I didn't connect that the thread 'Hit The Pipe' was actually my problem so I suppose this thread should be deleted now. Looks like my only option is to start the game again.

So I was massively stuck in one puzzle of the game where you have to obtain the bootleg alcohol from the soup kitchen. Now I have the back kitchen door propped open and everything and tell Cue Ball to add spice to the soup so that he gets up and moves the rack containing the bootleg alcohol, however I became stuck at what to do next.

I eventually watched a youtube clip on how to solve that puzzle and was surprised to see a cutscene of Cue Ball, banging the red pipe causing the stand with the bootleg alcohol to descend on a lift. I never got this cutscene. Whenever I click on the red pipe while the door is propped open and Cue ball has moved the bootleg alcohol to get to the spice rack, all Marty does is say his 'It looks like they run into the basement' line.

Is this a glitch or do I still need to do something to trigger the cutscene where Cue Ball bangs on the pipes with his gun?


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    For me, I triggered the scene by looking at the pipe, then walking over to Doc.

    Other people on these boards are saying you may also need to talk to Edna about her soup deliveries.
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    put the flux capasiter on the pipe on martys side of counter, make sure you have the tape recorder, he will then tap the pipe 3 times and the rack will tip over
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    anakin71 wrote: »
    put the flux capasiter on the pipe

    I assume you're referencing to the cursor.

    Plus, it's not about how to do it, it's how to TRIGGER the event that can lead you to do it.
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    No no no. You guys have it all wrong. First when Matches brings in the barrels of "special" soup let him leave. Next ask Cue Ball for some soup. I don't think asking him for soup is required to do though. After you are done walk towards Emmett. Cue Ball realizes you and him can't see each other so he walks over triggering the cut scene. Next have Emmett work on the door stop. After having Cue Ball spice the soup 1 or 2 times, Emmett will say eureka. When the stop is in go talk to Edna have it set up for the SSS to meet at Emmett's house. Quickly run back to the Soup Kitchen and hit the pipe. Edna should show up but don't worry about her yet. Now go back to Edna and tell her the the SSS needs soup and she will deliver the hooch to Emmett's doorstep allowing Marty and the 1931 counterpart of Doc to make the rocket fuel.
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    On the soup kitchen i just pressed loads of random stuff untill emmett said: eurika
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