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Can someone please PM me or something and tell me what to do at the soup kitchen?
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  • Nvm got it. Thank you.
  • could you please tell me how to trigger the lift.. I'm so sick of hearing Marty's soup needs more flavor lol! Thank you kindly! :)
  • [Spoiler] When he is salting the soup go over and tap on the red pipe on the wall. [/spoiler]
  • Thank you! I tried to click on it but nothing highlights.. maybe it's because I can play full screen without it crashing lol! I'll try again! Thanks! :)
  • wow... there it goes! Thanks again! :D
  • Just finished it! Great story .. LOVE IT! :D
  • Hi Kal-El,

    how have you managed the soup kitchen?
    If I let Marty push on the red pipes while Cue Ball is salting the soup, Marty only tells me that the pipes lead into the basement. A short cut scene along the pipes starts but than it's over an nothing had happened.

    I am playing the german steam version in full screen on 1280x1024.


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