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Back to the future activation problem!!!

posted by Hee Ho Ho on - last edited - Viewed by 565 users
I have a bone to pick with you telltale!:) I got an email inviting me to play episode 1 of back to the future but you didn't set the game on my account so i can't activate it either by logging in or serial. i have contacted yourselves via email and you haven't contacted me so i'm now doing it via forum. by the way, when are you making monkey 2?:)
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    If you registered for the free episode and did not purchase the whole season, you will not be able to activate the game before February, despite what the e-mail might say.
  • well that's stupid. who's bright idea was that? anyway i'm not too bothered. i was hoping to find out what the franchise was about considering that i have never seen the movie or anything but it doesn't matter. i'll wait for TOMI2
  • You've never seen BTTF?!! Wow. I advise you to watch it ASAP. It's one of the best movies ever made.
  • Yeah, that would give you some time to spend until the activation of your game and all o_ô
  • to be honest, i was kind of hoping that jurassic park would come first because i am a fan of that especially the raptors, t-rex, and cute dinosaur babies. but i guess i'll have to make some time away from my busy tell tale schedule.:p again, it would still be nice if telltale activated it now!

    edit: as a matter of fact, back to the future is coming on t.v. in the next few hours! unfortunately so is muppet's christmas carol. sorry but i'm gonna have to watch muppet's christmas carol instead :p
  • hi guys, it's now around 3 months since i started this thread.

    the advice i got was basically, no chance before feb. it is now at the end of march and i have some free time before shift 2:unleashed comes out and all my time is occupied :) and i thought i would try the free episode i got. no luck.

    my episode is still not listed as mine.

    is the first episode free for people who wanted updates or something? i think it was but i can't remember that far back. i would like the first episode if what i just said is true. if not, i'll just play shift 2 and wait for the next monkey island and have a look at jurassic park :)
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Not sure what you mean by "my episode is still not listed as mine".
    If you go to, while signed on the Telltale website, you should be able to get the free episode added to your account.
  • I just meant it's not listed under the section where your purchases are listed. I clicked the link and it wants billing info even though it's free. I'm just not going to bother. Too much of a headache.
  • The button in Back to the Future the Game that says "PLAY" isn't working for me. I click it and it doesn't do anything. I click it a bunch of times and it highlights the button. How do I get that to stop so I can play the game?
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