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Game too easy/ short/ lacks puzzles Thread

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How did the first episode compare in terms of difficulty to Telltale's other games?
(More specifically, the last Sam & Max season)
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  • You already bought the next episode.
  • True! Thanks for the reminder. I will have to pay extra on the iPad though right? (I played Tales of Monkey Island on the iPad, a nice experience!)
  • Yeah this was telltales easiest episode to date no doubt about it.
  • What about conversations? No difficulty AT ALL. You often had 3 or 4 choices and you just had to try them all until you found the right one and that was it. In other games, conversations often had 4 or 5 levels of depth that you had to figure out to advance to the next one.
  • Once again telltales easiest game.

    It seems telltale got everything the bttf fanbase wanted.
    And nothing the adventure gamers wanted.
  • Just because it is easy doesn't mean it's a bad game. I for one still loved playing it.
  • Just because it is easy doesn't mean it's a bad game.
    "Heureka" moments -- i.e. your good thinking and only that getting you to progress -- are at the core of adventure games. If future games continue to be as easy as this one there may be a point at which gamers tell themselves, "There's no reason for ME to participate in playing this game if the game basically plays itself." It may start to feel like a "fake" adventure game: a guided tour through what could have been a real adventure game.
  • mightypirate;432419 said:
    I really, really, really loved the story in the game, but the puzzles were really too easy! It was like watching a movie, and sometimes there was a pause where I had to click somewhere. I'm sorry but the best way in which I can describe this is by quoting Ron Gilbert


    The point is that I'm loving BTTFTG like a movie, but not as a game.
    It's incredible that Ron Gilbert already saw this problem coming in 1989.
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