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Back to the Future The Game: Episode 1 - It's About Time!

Why hello there, I felt that a hand full of people were asking what to do so I wrote a full guide to episode one. In the guide I tried my best to avoid all "Spoilers" and plot points. Though names are here as they were needed to point where to go next. I hope this guide helps with any parts you are stuck in.

• Copyright
• Introduction
• Chapter 1 – About Time!
• Chapter 2 – Doc’s For Sale?
• Chapter 3 – The Delorean’s Back?
• Chapter 4 – The Tea Kettle and Newspaper
• Chapter 5 – Hill Valley 1931…
• Chapter 6 – Far too Stubborn
• Chapter 7 – Where’s Author?
• Chapter 8 – In the name of the law Arthur!
• Chapter 9 – This Soup doesn’t taste right…
• Chapter 10 – A little of this, a little of that.
• Chapter 11 – To Be Continued…


Chapter 1 – About Time!
The game begins with a simple cut scene, no this scene is not the same from the first movie. Something is off here…either way the scene kicks in and begins the game. Once the scene ends things are really off now aren’t they?
Once the scene ends and you get control of Marty for the first time Doc will ask you to go to the tool box.
To walk you can either move him with your mouse, arrow keys or W, A, S, D. Once you have control of Marty walk over towards the left of the screen towards the white truck.
There are two things you can select; The tool box and the other item. The other item will trigger a very short cut scene. Pick the tool box when you’re ready and Marty will grab Doc’s notebook. Another scene triggers.
All the choices you pick don’t affect the story so don’t worry about what you choose. Either way after this new scene ends the intro to the game finishes and the adventure kicks in.
Chapter 2 – Doc’s for Sale?
The dream is over and Marty, his dad and Biff are now over at Doc’s house. Because the bank is selling Doc’s stuff you have you search the house for…well things that might not be good if found by others.
Biff and Marty’s dad are the only other two you are with at this moment. Marty’s dad will stay put while Biff sort of moves about.
Your goal is to simply find Doc’s journal, remember the one from the intro part of the game? Yeah that’s the one.
(As for this guide I will have you go straight through meaning if you want to bug everyone and see every possible saying you can do that, but for the sake of this guide I will skip said side stuff as it does not really affect the story itself.)
Doc’s house has three parts to it, the front, the side and the other half of the front. You should also notice three round objects floating at the top of the screen.
! – This tells you what must be done to move forward in the story.
? - this is the hint button, if you get lost (Which you should not with this guide) this will point you in the right direction.
And a compass the compass points which direction you are going.
These three things could come in handy later on, though with this guide the hint button will be useless.
Well it’s time to get going. Force Marty to the right of the house and walk up to the model of Hill Valley. It’s on the green table with all the small white buildings. It is the same one that Doc built back in 1955 (From the first movie) Click on it and Marty will talk about it. He then notices the…Notebook but just before he can grab it Biff takes it and you are given three options. Pick which ever you like you, as it does not really affect the outcome. Sadly you still DON’T get the notebook as Biff walks off with it. Now it’s time to get it from him.
Walk over to the jukebox to trigger a short scene, this is needed. Biff in this scene trys to force Marty to let him use the jukebox but fails because Marty’s dad yells at Biff. This is a problem because Marty’s dad keeps tell Biff to leave Marty alone meaning Biff never leaves the part of the model with the notebook alone. So our goal is to get Marty’s dad to stop yelling at Biff.
Now head back over towards the front of the house but the lower half where the massive speaker is. This is done by forcing Marty to walk as close to the screen as possible, and moving left and downward. Go up the thing next to the speaker and click on the; Amplifier Controls click on them for Marty to turn them on.
(If you want to know why the speaker is fixed just click on it…)
Now that you have that done go over to the Guitar that’s sticking out of the box to Marty’s left. Click on it and it will be added to your Inventory. Yes that’s the button with the hand at the top right of the screen.
Now talk to Marty’s dad. If you want some more insight of how Marty’s dad feels about doc pick all the options except “I can fight my own fights”. Once you are finished with all the other options you want select “I can fight my own fights.” Then exit talking to Marty’s dad (the exit is on the lower right of the screen)
Now Marty’s dad will leave you alone if Biff bugs you. Walk over to the speaker, go to your inventory and select the guitar. Then click on the speaker to trigger the next scene. Biff is knocked out and you get the journal! Goal complete.
Chapter 3 – The Delorean’s back?
Wait the time machine is whole again? But it was destroyed at the end of the third film…maybe we learn why later...
Walk up to the DeLorean (The time machine) and then click on it, a scene will trigger and you will get inside.
Once you are inside you can look around if you want. But grab the recorder and listen to it, then grab the shoe. Once you have both items get out of the time machine as you can’t do anything else really.
Walk over to Einstein he is in the upper left part of the yard. Go into your inventory and grab the shoe. Then with that selected click on Einstein to go to the next location.
Chapter 4 – The tea kettle and newspaper.
Click on the; buzzer and a scene will trigger. Select “I’ve Got Something For You” and the woman will ask for what the something is. Go to your inventory and select the shoe. Then click on her. She will then let you into her home.
You can search her room but in the end you won’t get that much farther that way. If you choose the newspapers she will yell at you so for now avoid them.
Your goal here is to find out what time Doc is in so it’s time for some hard detective work. For this to happen you first need to find out some information about the past and woman you are with right now.
Either way talk to Edna first. Pick “When did you lose your shoe?” she will sort of tell, but still no date.
Then ask her about the newspapers, then ask about the newspapers helping you. Again no date…well with that ask about the speakeasy. (Yeah you are pretty much asking her everything but it is needed.) Finally new options will show themselves.
Ask where was the speakeasy to get more clues. Now exit the talk with her and click on the Binoculars and finally you get a date.
Walk over to the Radiator; it’s in the upper left of the room and click on that. It will sound like the kettle is done and Edna will get up and leave the room. Meaning she won’t yell at you for touching things.
Go over to the newspapers and click on them. Another scene will trigger, once that scene ends Marty will now be back over at Doc’s house,.
Marty’s dad will come ask you what’s up. Pick either one or the answers as it does not matter.
Once you have control of Marty he should be in the time machine. First click on the; Time Circuit switch and then the Time Circuit Display. And so the adventure finally begins.
Chapter 5 - Hill Valley 1931
Well guess what? You’re in Hill Valley in 1931 yep cool right?
Once you have control of Marty again it’s time to find where the Doc is. But first you’re stopped by…Edna? She will talk to you and ask you a few things answer how you please as it does not affect story. Also the name you choose will be what people in the past call you from here on out so pick the name you like best as there is no changing it.
Once you have control of Marty again walk straight and follow the path to get to the jail where Doc is.
Walk over to the cell window which is to the left and click on it a scene will trigger.
New options to pick from choose “Break you out of jail”, Marty and Doc will talk some more and now pick; “Where can I find your younger self?” The scene ends shortly after that.
Your new goal is to find Emmet.
(From here on out I will call the younger Doc Brown; Emmet and the older one Doc to help with which one I am talking about.)
You must now head to the Soup Kitchen it’s at the end of the block you are on. Just head right for just a bit and enter the first building you are able to.
(It should also be noted that most buildings while look as if you can enter won’t let you. As Marty almost always gets yelled at the leave.)
The moment you enter the soup kitchen a scene will trigger once the scene is finished go all the way left and you should see the phone, click on the telephone.
Leave the Soup Kitchen to get back outside. The courthouse is the big building with the clock tower. Just head up towards it through the park. Once you get to the courthouse click on the door for another scene.
Chapter 6 – Far too Stubborn…
Yep that’s Doc Brown when he was just seventeen. Follow him and to get him to talk to you walk in front of him and make him walk into you.
If for some reason he gets into the other law office just wait a few seconds he comes back out and heads back to the courthouse. If you again can’t get him to talk to you he will reenter the courthouse, again wait a few seconds and he will come back out. He repeats this same walk again and again so don’t worry if he leaves you behind. It should not be too hard to catch him again.
Either way once you get Emmet to talk to you; you get some options to pick from
Pick “I hear you’re working on a rocket drill”, and he breaks away from you…no matter what you ask him its always the same, he does not want to talk to you. If you can try to ask him about pretty much everything if you want, but really it always ends the same; he does not care for you.
Sadly all you find out is he is tired of talking to you…but wait is he muttering something? So go into your inventory grab the tape recorder and once you are close to him click on him with it. Marty should record what he is muttering, if he is not wanting to do this keep trying until you get Marty to record Emmet.
Now head back over to the jail where Doc is. Click on the window to trigger the next scene. If you want to learn about what Doc has been up to then talk to him a bit. When you are all finished pick “I recorded you muttering” to end the scene. I would say that it be best to talk to Doc as long as possible. As this helps letting you know what Doc has been doing since the third film and why the Time Machine is back in one piece. Either way when you are finished pick the first option, then exit the talk with Doc (The exit is in the bottom right).
After that scene go back over to Emmet who is still walking the same path, have him bump into you again to trigger another scene. Pick the first option and finally the story moves forward. You are asked another question no matter the answer Emmet never lets you answer. Again you will have new options pick; “I really REALLY need your rocket drill”, then “I need it tonight” and the scene ends.
Chapter 7 – Where’s Author?
Once you have control of Marty you would think it’s time to go say hi to Kid but that’s not right. As you head left Edna will be in the park here. She is standing next to her bike facing towards the Soup Kitchen. Go up to her and have a nice talk, meaning yes click on her.
Pick “What’s the scoop” when the three options pop up to move the story forward. Now pick “You make soup deliveries?” and then “I can help deliver soup”. Yes this is needed for a later puzzle. Now choose; “What’s the Stay Sober Society” and then finally “I know where the SSS can meet.” Edna will then ask where? And pick “At the Brown Residence”. With that Exit the conversation with Edna.
Now it’s time to go bother Kid, he is in the upper right part of the city. So go straight, and then right to find him, as he is getting his shoes shined.
Once you reach him he will snap for you to “Shine” his shoes. So pick “I’m here to shine your shoes” and Marty will do just that. Now four new options pop up. Our goal is to get Author’s hat that’s sitting next to him.
Pick “I’m looking for Arthur McFly” then “Do you know where he is?”, and then “Isn’t that Artie’s hat?” followed by “can I have some of those peanuts?”. Kid says yes giving you now a few more things to pick from. So choose; “What the hell is that?”
Well now that you have the hat go back into the park, about mid way Einstein should be sitting next to Emmet. Go into your inventory pick the hat and once your next to Einstein click on him with the hat selected and he will take you to where Author is.
Chapter 8 – In the name of the law Arthur!
Well it looks like we found Author. So once you have control of Marty click on the buzzer to get Author to talk to you. Sadly no matter how hard you try Author just won’t come down. So well head back the way Marty came by going right.
Now if you somehow click on Einstein before you got what you needed just go back over to where Kid is near the polishing station and he will chase you back up where you can record him. This can be done again and again so don’t worry if you somehow mess up a few times.
Once you have control of Marty go back to where you polished Kid’s shoe and well he will chase you. Luckily a scene kicks in that shows Marty running but sadly he does end up on the center piece to the park. Kid and Matches will yell stuff at you.
Go into your inventory and pick the tape recorder, then with that selected click on Kid and Marty will record Kid’s voice. Once that is done click on Einstein. And a very short clip will happen. And now its time to go back and bother Author some more.
Now do not go up towards Kid, go back through the park towards the jail. Then go down all the way left to get back to Author’s home is.
Click on the buzzer, then go into your inventory and pick the tape recorded. Then click on Author to get him to come done.
Now don’t talk to him yet, again go into your inventory, pick “Arthur’s Subpoena” and then click on Author to trigger another scene.
Well one of our two big tasks are finished.
Chapter 9 – This Soup Doesn’t Taste Right
Well it looks like we now have to find that alcohol, but where?
Well go back through the park and over to the Soup Kitchen and enter it. A scene will trigger.
Well those barrels that got brought it are what we need. But to get to them there are a few things that need to be done first.
First talk to Cue Ball and ask “Could I have some soup?” he will then give you some. Sadly the soup taste bad so pick one of the four options to get Cue Ball up and cooking again leaving him…well distracted. But you should have also noticed that the tack which holds the barrels is now pushed to the side.
The rack with the barrels is now off of the elevator that leads down into the basement. So far we are good.
Don’t try to get into the kitchen because Cue Ball won’t let you. Instead go all the way left next to the phone and try to get through that door.
Sadly it’s blocked, now talk to Emmet. Pick “I can’t get through the door” and Emmet will figure something out. About this time Cue Ball should sit back down. So go back to your bowl of soup and try it again. Again pick which option you want and again Cue Ball will cook some more. Just wait a few moments as Emmet has yet to figure out how to keep the door open, again wait just a bit and Emmet will yell something, now go talk to him again. As you head over there Cue Ball should have the rack that holds the barrels pulled into the basement. Lucky for you Matches brings in more of the barrels you need.
Talk to Emmet if you want, also you should have noticed the door is jammed and the tables behind it are propped up. Well now just head back over to where Cue Ball is, talk to him and have him work on the soap some more, by click on your bowl of soup once more.
Now that he is no longer paying any attention to you go all the way right, do not exit the building. Instead click on the red pipes.
A scene will trigger well we are now one step closer to getting the barrels. Either way leave the Soup Kitchen.
Once you have control of Marty go into the park where Edna is and talk to her. Pick “I know a Charity that needs a soup delivery” and will ask which one and pick “The S.S.S.”
Well it seems Emmet is not to happy with Marty saying the SSS could use his house as a meeting place. So pick the option “There’re sober” then “They’ll be quiet.” And finally “Okay then, forget the whole thing.”
And now we have both things needed to get the Rocket Drill up and running.
Chapter 10 – Just about…there…
Well now this next part is a little…different. What you have to do is simple click on four different things. I can’t really help you as this is all up to you. But first Emmet will talk to you and so pick “Is there going to be a test” before Marty can ask Emmet’s father yells at him and leaves you.
Your goal is to get the one barrel full, so you have four rounds. Each one gets harder and harder, and if you mess up don’t worry the round starts over and gives you another chance. Also only pay attention to what Emmet is saying, his father will try to throw you off. Also if you don’t act fast enough the round ends and you have to start over, so yeah good luck with this part.
Once you finish the fourth and final round a scene triggers. Well you’re asked something by Emmet and yeah pick any one of the three options as it does not really affect the story.
Now we are back in front of the jail. Get ready as this is the last part of the episode. Once you are ready click on the piece of the power drill which should be the “Jet Drill Remains” then walk over to the bike and click on that and a scene will trigger.
Ah good Doc is safe…well sort of. Now once you have control of Marty you can have him go left and right and…that’s about it.
First off make Marty go to the right, almost all the way up to the window. Click on the tool box on the side to get the “Tire Iron” before you head back, click on the antenna, which is on the roof right above you.
Once you have both those items now go back the way you came, passed the very back and just stop the moment you are on the right side of the car. Go into your inventory and select the tire iron. Then click on the tire. You will get the hub cap.
Once you have the hub cap move all the way up to the front of the car, you won’t be able to get to the driver’s window unless you click on it so yeah…and wait Kid is driving? Well that’s not right. Go into your inventory and click on the antenna, and then the keys. But no matter how hard you try that won’t work. Exit the view on the window and click on Doc.
Once you have Doc selected click “Kid Tannen’s driving the truck!” then click “I need a distraction” and Doc will make sounds to get Kid’s attention.
You have to move fast as this point, so quickly go into your inventory click the antenna. Once that is selected click on the window and once you are in range click on the keys and a scene will trigger.
With Marty go to the very back of the truck, go into your inventory choose the keys and then click on the lock to trigger another scene.
Quickly go into your inventory once more click on the hubcap, then click on Kid’s gun. After the short scene click on the gun and Marty will climb across Doc and grab the gun. And into your inventory you go once more.
With the gun selected shoot the chains that bind Doc’s feet to free him and thus cause another scene. Click on Doc once more and then choose “Hit the throttle!”
And with that the final scene will trigger.
Chapter 11 – To Be Continued…
And after that scene…TO BE CONTINUED…yep those wonderful three words you knew were coming. And with those words a very short preview of Episode 2.
Well congrats you just beat Back to the Future: Episode 1 – It’s About Time!
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  • That hint system already spoon fed stuff, making walkthroughs for even those who need them for this adventure game, bit useless. However, many use these kind of things to play games from start to finish without even trying to figure out stuff itself.
  • I write walkthroughs and video solutions, and there are those, even in easy games, that like to refer to specific sections if they get stuck. I probably won't need it, but I'm sure those who do will appreciate it. Nice job and keep them coming, LOL.
  • You know there's an official walkthrough on the episode's page on this site, right?
  • Walkthru - Chapter 2 – Doc’s for Sale? where you say "Now head back over towards the front of the house but the lower half where the massive speaker is."
    I cant seem to head anywhere? What do I click on? I'm running the MAC version
    I seem to be stuck in the Hill Valley Model room - I can click on the books (to see biff holding the model) but can't go anywhere else.....HELP - is it a bug...?
  • themaddude;434043 said:
    Walkthru - Chapter 2 – Doc’s for Sale? where you say "Now head back over towards the front of the house but the lower half where the massive speaker is."
    I cant seem to head anywhere? What do I click on? I'm running the MAC version
    I seem to be stuck in the Hill Valley Model room - I can click on the books (to see biff holding the model) but can't go anywhere else.....HELP - is it a bug...?

    If you have yet to figure it out, head back over towards the front door of the house. But head towards the screen where the massive speaker is. You should be able to get to the other part of the house that way.
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