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Problem with "hard evidence" case 3

posted by voltn74 on - last edited - Viewed by 397 users
The first two cases were swell, but in the third case, my prints (most of them) are invisible upon lab analysis. The prints are in my evidence, but when I select them for comparison, I can only see a few...the rest give me a blank box. This includes both prints collected and csi samples. Anyone else experience this, or have any suggestions?
thanking you in advance!
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  • This is very odd indeed.

    It may be OK that there are only 1 CSI sample for a given print - some of them find exact matches...

    But not sure why the ones you collected would be invisible on the computer. Are you hearing the voices OK? I wonder if this is caused by a problem in the install?
  • Same thing happened to me in low res's. I was on 800x600 and the first cab had NO insides at all.. changed it and poof there is a cb radio and tons of stuff like a glove box.. where it was just black before. The prints never did this to me but maybe try just a resolution change.

    I personally have tons of shadow flickering problems. Esp the 2nd case. During 90% of all dialog it turns the camera around the two talking.. in this case Nick and XXX. All the trees leaves and the statues shadows just non stop flicker. Same with talking to anyone that the camera rotates around. Shadows are also flickering while talking to non rotating shots but its not as bad.. IE grissom giving the evaluation.. his shelves flicker and some items do. Its pretty annoying :P
    Anyway sorry to digress.. try this.. what resolution is the game set at. if its at 800x600 try just one higher 1024x768. But the fix for me happened at 1280x1024.

    Hope this helps...
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