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Nothing to do...

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I feel as if I'm so close to the end of the game, however I have now done everything for Fone (no longer available), Phoney has got everyone to bet and Smiley has made his costume. Lucious has now appeared in the bar, but Phoney can't talk to him, he just stands in the doorway. This therefore means there is nothing to do with either character... please help!
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    The good news is that you're not *that* close to the end. :)

    But what you're describing sounds a little weird. Are you able to walk around with Phoney? It almost sounds like the game has locked up. Try saving the game at this point, and loading it again -- it might load up past the glitch. If that doesn't work, try restoring an earlier saved game and playing up to this part again.
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