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Everything Must Go!

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So I must have MVD surgery and well, telltale is now very low priority for me

Im looking to sell everything I have related to sam & max (quite a few neat items)
Some Im not sure what they are worth which is why im posting here.

I have pretty much everything sam and max ever sold by telltale
one thing I want an opinion on is the old
Fizzball print... mine is in decent condition but it would be hard to ship if sold and its the old paper
which brings me to lucasarts mags (every single one)
both pins
the pen
3d art relief (of the original game box cover)
stickers, old books and new, most have custom art in the fronts. some are personalized so I doubt anyone would pay much for those.

I also will be selling my L studio jacket from the S&M cartoon in canada.
Its in prestine condition, but wont fit tall or large people (im tall and its short in arms)

I wouldnt know how to price these things, I just know what I paid

any suggestions or shall I just ebay and see from there?
was thinking at least the devout would be here.. and im not amazon prices.
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  • The merchandise was sold in late 2008 the description:
    A "shelf-talker" (No idea what this is)
    Sam & Max floaty pen
    Two badge-shaped window stickers
    An oversized vinyl display of the stickers
    Three stickers from the 1992 San Diego Comic Con Booth

    The jacket that went for $212.50 sold in 2008 and $217.50 in 2009, haven't seen any since. Not sure about shirts someone else might know a bit more. Out of interest do you have a copy of the Gumby Winter Fun Special written by Purcell?
  • oh i remember that lot!(over priced but wow it was a good one)

    the shelf talker was a cardboard display think that sorta is bent to stand up to display
    it was flat at the time (jake, might want to list that zak mckracken stand up... its waay cooler!)
    waves day.. one day.. (ive only seen 2 in existance of the zak nose display and one had no glasses)

    also one of those stickers (think the large) was really rare.. it was reversable and I still dont have it, though steve swears its in his desk still with my name on it.. (which desk idk)
    thanks for the input saucy and all, getting a better baseline now..

    as for gumby yes I have 2 from the man himself but it shouldnt be as hard to find as others .. should it?
  • Not that hard to find but the shipping is criminal, if I buy some stuff of you I may buy it aswell.
  • ahem sorry the holidays tripped me up quite a bit.
    Saucy You live across seas? (im in california) I can prolly get you that winter fun for almost nothing if you want. Ive even seen them in shops for like 1$ -2$ .. local shops..
    odd I know, same with the adventurers, just not the old old ones.
  • throw up some pics allready I won't consider spending anything until I get to see what you're selling (the jacket sounds cool tho post that one first)
  • i am sorry for your surgery :/

    if you happen to have the tf2 max item,i would be really interested in it

    i hope everything goes well with your surgery
  • I live in Australia. Hope your surgery goes well aswell.
  • I hope everything goes well during your surgery. From a fellow SamMax-anite, I'm sorry that you have to sell this stuff.

    If you have anything left over I'm sure there people who'd still be interested in purchasing it (myself included).
  • sorry all
    I had another, ear head issue..
    1st Id like to thank you all for baring with me and for the kind words, esp ZERO and Sausy
    Sausy! Sent you a pm, might be a gumby heading your way free, just might take its time to get to ya!

    moving on.
    some link of a back of the jacket until I can get my copy up
    last one I saw sold for 208$ near the symbiote preorder era
    yes sorry pictures shoulda been a first, some of the problem is, its hard to take pics of some of the stuff (not the jacket lol thats easy)

    Whats worse is I made a huge post and the thread either timed me out or didnt like so much text and code in one post :P
    had tons of pictures
    I have all purcells RUNEQUEST books (he did covers on) example below
    as well as alll the comics of course
    and a rare story board from my mate in canada working on the show sold this online (3 pieces non purcell drawn!)
    wizard 1997 w/ sam max
    Fox Kids mags 2 copies x 2 = 4

    and I asked in the post that erased, how much the books were worth since someone here told me to start at a baseline, but ive not seen the new ones sell and old well ive ranged them from 15$ to 250$ for the old 1st edition hardback.. that was BEFORE the release of TTG's push.

    After that those books went for like 20$ on ebay, so yea
    sorry pictures up soon
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